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Chests are objects found in UnderMine.

They can be found in Secret Rooms, normal rooms, Crawl Spaces, after solving puzzles, using the Sacrifice Room, or in spawned with the Chest in a Bottle.pngChest in a Bottle potion.

There are different types of chests which contain different items.

Normal Chest

Normal Chest.png
Main article: Normal Chest

The basic chest variant. When opened it will drop Gold and one of:

It also has a chance of droping a Mini Chest (or two with Miniaturizer.pngMiniaturizer).

The chest has a 10% chance to be "trapped" which will either eject 5-6 lit bombs, or spew a cloud of Poison.

This type of chest has a 5% chance of being a Mimic, you can tell before opening them by the color of the sparkles around the chest (red for mimic, yellow for normal).

Locked Chest

Locked Chest.png
Main article: Locked Chest

Cost 1 Key.pngkey to open.

Has the same loot as the Normal Chest.

Rock Chest

Rock Chest.png
Main article: Rock Chest

Must be bombed with 1 Bomb.pngbomb in order to open.

Has the same loot as the Normal Chest

Thorium Chest

Thorium Chest.png
Main article: Thorium Chest

The Thorium chest (sometimes called rare chest in change logs) will drop Thorium1.pngThorium.

It will also drop one of the 104 Blueprints, Recipes, Blessing Tomes, or Familiar Eggs if there are any left to be found.

The chest has a 5% chance to reveal itself as a Strange Mimic.

Gold Chest

Gold Chest.png
Main article: Gold Chest

This chest contains large amounts of Gold.

It has a 5% chance to reveal itself as an Affluent Mimic.

Cursed Chest

Cursed Chest.png
Main article: Cursed Chest

This chest, when opened, will always afflict the player with a Curse. They can contain:

Silver Chest

Silver Chest.png
Main article: Silver Chest

The Silver Chest (Sometimes called Big Chest in change logs) requires rarely 1 or typically 3 keys to open.

It can contain:

Mini Chest

Mini Chest.png
Main article: Mini Chest

This chest is a mini chest that can only be found by chance when opening other chests.

This chance can be increased with Miniaturizer.pngMiniaturizer


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • Treasure from a chest partially surrounded by impassable rocks now spreads much more evenly..
  • Improved the rare chest sprite.
  • Changed Chestlock texture..
  • Introducing the Big Chest.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes two chests would stack on top of each other when lighting torches in the goldmine.
  • Resurrected bosses now drop a special resource chest instead of loose gold.
  • Added Miniaturizer - Find small chests in all normal chests.
  • Big Chests now proc Lockpick.pngLockpick.
  • Cleaned up some layering issues around locked and rocked chests.
  • Rare chest contain slightly less thorium.
  • Many encounters that could only spawn a rare chest now spawn a random chest instead.
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to open treasure chests while standing on them.
  • Rare chests can no longer spawn if you have discovered every blueprint and have 999 Thorium..
  • Empty Coffers.pngEmpty Coffers now has a non-guaranteed chance to open chests.
  • Props spawned by Chest in a Bottle, Transmut3 in a Bottle, and now Altar in a Bottle now ignore the room grid, giving them more valid locations but with possible overlap. This should prevent these items from spawning in the center of certain cramped rooms.
  • Rare Chests (blue) now have a 100% chance to drop a blueprint, egg, tome, or recipe.
  • Items such as food, keys, bombs, potions, talismans, armor shards, relics, chests, blessings, and altars will be shown on the map..
  • Fixed an exploit with open chests and Rabbit Gloves.pngRabbit Gloves.
  • Empty treasure chests no longer show up on the Minimap.
  • The Othermine challenge encounter should now work correctly if you exit and re-enter before opening the chest.
  • Fixed some open chests that couldn’t be used with the recycler.
  • The treasure chests from Black Rabbit’s chest game are now recyclable.
  • Cleaned up a few treasure chests that would continue to sparkle even after opened.
  • Chests can now be trapped with poison (this does not increase the chance a chest is trapped).
  • Bombushka and trapped chests spread their bombs more evenly, rather than always to the northeast.
  • Black Rabbit chest game has been fixed to no longer leave floating locked chains if you pull the lever that destroys the chests.


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