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  • Add more language changes to version histories.
  • Improve loot-section of Normal Chest
  • Improve Mushroom Quest
  • Rewrite Meal Ticket, because most content is listed as note.
  • Rewrite Grimwood.
  • Add page on item rarity (Common/Rare/Legendary)
  • Add an effects page for effects like rebirth and blade wail
  • Add to changelog info about things that were changed but not mentioned in the changelog


  • Update Journal screenshots.
  • Bathcat/Toadvine/Rockpile mimic Item Images



  • Character Lore should be added
  • Character Dialog is missing on quite a few pages


More Interactions should be added to all items on the wiki.


  • Improve documentation (Use template data instead of {{Doc}})


  • Validate Food heal formula. (Listed in notes on the page)
  • Add numbers on Adventurer's Whip
  • UI
    • Finish Minimap
    • Bosses Killed Indicator
    • Add Health Bar
    • Add Other UI elements
  • [[Category:Rooms]]
    • Add Combat Challenge Room page
    • Flooded Crater and Other Boss rooms
    • Move sacrifice room to gambling room (sacrifice room includes spikes)
    • revamp Hub
    • Continue working on finding Secret Rooms
    • Continue working on finding Crawlspaces aka hidden rooms
  • Overhaul Save.json
  • Finish Developer Mode page
  • Update Nullstone.pngNullstone history to include removed feature of refreshing every 30 sec (after the update is found, best guess is just before 0.3)
  • revamp Environmental danger???
    • Spikes image Revisions should be added to the history
    • Add Poison/Oil/Electric Water Pools pages
  • Revamp Schematics
    • Create page for BlueprintNightmare
    • Create page for Style Schematics
    • Add info about Othermine bosses
  • Overhaul Undermine
  • Auglycerin.pngAuglycerin Yeild (cost benefit)


  • 1.1
    • add a page for the bee buff enriched venom
  • 1.2.1
    • Add bug fixes to their respective page histories