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Golden Core Update logo.png


SteamOS / Linux


May 5, 2020



10 new enemies

  • Crossbowman.pngCrossbowman - An armored guard of the Delvemore dungeon. Crossbowmen have steady aim and will attack from a distance. If you get too close to them they will dash away and unleash a devastating triple shot.
  • Shaman.pngShaman and Manikin.pngManikin - Shamen animate small dolls, twisting their essence in the process. These dolls are called Manikins. They dart in and out of reality, encircling the peasant and creating geometric death traps.
  • Rift Wurm.pngRift Wurm - These wurms mindlessly roam the corridors of the Golden Core. They only know to move forwards and devour anything in their path. Approach them with caution and annihilate them entirely, lest they grow back a new head and continue their feast.
  • Som's Golem.pngSom's Golem - Som originally created these mindless automatons to aid him in his research and care for his keep. He is now long dead, but his creations live on. They are quite stupid and rather curious. Keep a wide berth or they will wander over and inadvertently injure you with their many spikes.
  • Bass Fly.pngBass Fly - Similar to other flies of the Undermine but far deadlier. The projectile from the bass fly will ricochet off walls and other surfaces.
  • Gremlin.pngGremlin - Dangerous, winged creatures that defend the Golden Core and other areas of the Undermine. They wield long pole arms and can close distance quickly with their dash attacks.
  • Ogre Firestarter.pngOgre Firestarter - Another dangerous, bomb-wielding ogre. This time an ogre that slings Seer’s Blood bombs, spilling fire everywhere.
  • Firebat.pngFirebat - Similar to shrill bats, except that they drip fire… wherever they go… always
  • Seer, World's Heart.pngSeer, World's Heart
  • Trembo.pngTrembo (Won't appear naturally.)

5 new items

4 new achievements

Ach firelord.png Beheaded and Betailed
Defeated Seer, World's Heart
Ach firelord hardmode.png Destroyer of Worlds
Defeated Seer, World's Heart while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied
Ach core.png Hot Hot Heat
Entered the Golden Core
Ach skip boss 4.png Peasants do what Bathcan't
Entered the Golden Core before defeating Ponzu

150+ new encounters, including encounters for existing zones.

  • A note for Othermine: All new encounters, items, enemies, zones, and bosses are automatically included in Othermine.)

Bug Fixes

  • We asked Dibble once again to stop restocking his shop after an Othermine run. We were very stern this time!
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the player to be launched high into the air if knocked back on the frame immediately after a jump
  • Fixed several issues with the Toadvine and Bathcat encounter when entering the Caverns from the Halls
  • Fixed some open chests that couldn’t be used with the recycler
  • Projectiles can no longer collide with the interaction trigger in front of locked doors
  • Fixed an issue preventing Helios Boots from re-equipping correctly reload
  • Fixed a problem with Halls2-3 that gave it a 50% chance to not spawn a relic room
  • Addressed an issue that could cause enemies to be stuck in their falling animation if the player left the room during their fall
  • Fixed a softlock that could occur in a certain secret encounter that shall remain secret
  • Tsar Bomba’s load order has been adjusted so that it will reapply its debuffs correctly on reload
  • Keys lost to Sweaty Fingers can no longer proc popcorn effects
  • Nullification can now correctly nullify slot-unique relics such as Chakram, Sequence Breaker, and Vorpal Blade
  • Fixed an issue causing the Blood Bomb damage radius to not scale correctly with the Demolition blessing
  • Resolved a problem that could cause letter-box bars to become stuck if the player died during a scripted sequence
  • Fixed a timing issue that could cause the game to not pause correctly if the pause menu was opened on the same frame as you attacked an enemy
  • Improved Glimmerweed beam hit-detection so they can no longer hit invisible or flat targets
  • Fixed a memory leak related to a recent material system refactor
  • Fixed up some issues related to enemies getting stuck in their jump animation after getting webbed by a Selt Larvae
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Othermine Antechamber music from not respecting your music volume setting
  • Fixed a layering issue that made it possible to see secret walls by attacking them
  • Improved how doors are drawn on the minimap to prevent weird one-sided lock issues
  • Alt-F4ing on the game over screen will now correctly clear the global flags for your next run

Balance Changes

  • All “eaters” (curses and Lesser Demon) now no longer count minions when killing an enemy
  • Lowered the amount of enemies that can spawn in some Cavern rooms. There were a few that ended up too cramped.
  • Doubled the amount of healing from Kiss of the Succubus

Other Changes

  • Added a small grace-period to pits. This allows you to walk out over their edge for a few frames before falling
  • Certain enemies that had a habit of juggling or grinding up against the player for multiple hits have a new safe-guard in place to help prevent this
  • Performing another action while voluntarily drinking a potion now cancels the drink. Jumping is still allowed while compulsively drinking; all other actions are prevented
  • The grace-period on the floor Down has been removed
  • Churchbell shields now give 99% damage reduction to everything inside them and last for 10 seconds
  • Gold Tooth now only procs on gold pickup instead of gold gain
  • Cursed Jars now randomize when they spawn Wisps
  • Hidden room entrances will no longer be covered by large rocks in the Halls
  • Gargoyles now have North and South facings so that it is easier to tell when they plan to attack in those directions
  • The visuals on store discounts have been slightly tweaked
  • Throbo no longer splats pilfers (permanently at least)
  • The dogs have a deeper woof
  • Improved the performance and visuals of oil
  • Dramatically lessened Noori’s memory requirements, which should result in fewer performance spikes during the fight
  • The invulnerability buff granted by killing a boss now prevents damage from Waking Light
  • Lucent Imp projectiles now immediately orient towards their target and change color when finished seeking
  • Hidden room staircases now destroy the grass around them so they’re easier to see
  • The boss HP bar now appears over top of your relics, making it easier to see
  • Description from Footman.pngFootman changed:
    Delvemore footmen are trained at the Kingdom's barracks where they are taught basic fighting skills. Footmen are taught to keep their shields raised in a defensive position.

    The footman's heavy armor is effective at reducing physical damage. Iron, however, is an excellent conductor of electricity, making footmen vulnerable to lightning attacks.

Som was an archmage of Delvemore, but was expelled after repeated warnings from the Arcane Sanctum. Animation spells are forbidden throughout the kingdom, but Som could not help himself from studying the magic. He left the kingdom, building a small keep in the side of a bluff. He did this with the help of his creations. Som is long dead, but his golems continue to care for the keep, and some have wandered far beyond its walls.

  • Seer's Fragment.pngSeer's Fragment:
    • Name added: Seer's Fragment.
    • Effect added: Bestowed by the god Din.
    • Texture added.