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To keep the UnderMine Wiki free of unncyclopedic or superfluous information, some simple rules must be followed when creating or editing pages.

  1. Vandalism, spam, and disruptive editing are not allowed on this wiki.
  2. Do not add parody, nonsense, or hoax information to articles or create articles that could mislead players. This includes content based on speculation. This rule does not apply to user pages.
  3. Advertising of any sort is not allowed.
  4. Do not directly copy over texts from other websites that discuss UnderMine.
  5. Harassment, insults, and ad hominem are not allowed on the wiki. Keep discussion as civil as possible.
  6. This wiki is not a file-hosting service. If an image is uploaded and not integrated into a useful article soon after, it may be deleted without notice. Using the wiki for GUI screenshots, userspace images and general wiki-related images, however, is allowed, but these files also may be deleted when unused.
  7. Offensive, misleading, or otherwise unacceptable usernames are not allowed and will be blocked indefinitely.
  8. Abusing multiple accounts will not be tolerated. Editors may have more than one account only if all accounts used by an editor are clearly marked, though maintaining more than one account is generally discouraged regardless of the reason or identification.