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SteamOS / Linux


January 10, 2020




  • Added a new “Report Bug” option to the pause menu. Submitting a bug report via this feature will automatically attach a screenshot and all the required files to help us better debug and fix the issue. Please note that this feature is available for English builds only for the time-being.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue allowing wall ornaments such as lanterns and gold to spawn behind the rubble piles in corners of large Mine rooms.
  • Aphotic Charm.pngAphotic Charm now more reliably recalculates its buff when reloading a save file.
  • Cleaned up some issues related to gold retention calculation, Wealth.pngWealth, and Clumsiness.pngClumsiness.
  • Fixed a problem causing players to be unable to find Beltrame and unlock the laboratory if they previously collected multiple Shiitake.pngShiitake mushrooms due to an older bug.
  • Resolved a number of item GUID collisions causing inconsistent behaviour between various item combinations.
  • Resolved numerous issues with familiars:
  • Djinn.pngDjinn’s Lv3 ability now starts working without reloading.
  • Canary.pngCanary can now more reliably pick up gold that has landed in awkward places.
  • Pet rendering layers have been tuned up.
  • Combat pets don’t get stuck attacking invalid targets as frequently.
  • Projectiles no longer accidentally pierce walls. This fix may cause a few more issues around projectiles dying as soon as they are fired, we will be addressing these issues as they come up. Additionally, most projectiles are destroyed as soon as they leave the room.
  • Cleaned up some spawner data allowing the randomiser to spawn things in invalid locations.
  • Fixed a small visual bug in the Credits scene.
  • Cleaned up a few secret door layering issues in the Shimmering Caverns.
  • Removed an old 3rd party library used for telemetry that was causing a lot of log spam on Linux builds.
  • Cleaned up the way that ground flames are rendered, which will prevent them from spawning under walls and pillars.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Black Rabbit’s lever game to be unwinnable.
  • Resolved an issue with the halo rendering system on widescreen resolutions.
  • Tables no longer keep your dropped items hostage.
  • Noori’s arms now correctly face the direction they’re attacking.
  • Pocket Grill.pngPocket Grill no longer repeatedly tries (and fails) to cook table food.
  • Solved an issue that could cause arrow slots to spawn in invalid positions.
  • Absolution.pngAbsolution and Purification Potion.pngPurification Potion now more reliably remove the advertised number of curses.
  • Peasant visual effects, such as those from Nullstone.pngNullstone or Floating Skull.pngFloating Skull, now follow his movements as he transitions zones via holes and ladders.
  • Fixed a few issues relating to ability pausing while transitioning zones.
  • Glimmerweed.pngGlimmerweeds now stop shooting if they fall down a pit.
  • Fixed a UI layout problem that could cause the Altar popup to fall off the screen.
  • Freeloader Draught.pngFreeloader Draughts can no longer target things that have already been paid for, such as levers and doors.
  • Sweaty Palms.pngSweaty Palms now forces you to drop temporary bombs (from Pocket of Holding.pngPocket of Holding) if you have no regular bombs.
  • You now lose your temporary bombs if you lose Pocket of Holding.pngPocket of Holding.
  • Items inside rock cages can now be picked up with Gecko's Foot.pngGecko's Foot under the right conditions.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause your save file to go missing if your PC loses power or crashes while UnderMine is running
  • Dillon, Shadow, and Engine can no longer push you around and interrupt your dialogue.
  • Health costs now all show “1” if you Karmic Scale.pngKarmic Scale.
  • Mouse buttons are now given priority in the Input Mapper screen, and on the signs in the tutorial.
  • Gold Frenzy.pngGold Frenzy and War Paint.pngWar Paint UI now correctly reset to 0 between reloads.
  • Fixed a bug causing hotkey reminders in the UI to not always show the correct remapped key.
  • Added some navmesh blockers between rooms to lessen the chance that items can fall outside the room. If they do still manage to fall outside the room, they will be destroyed instead of simply being irretrievable.
  • Inverter.pngInverter no longer stops inverting if you leave the room at the wrong time.
  • Ground detection while jumping is a bit more generous which should lead to fewer sticking issues when jumping on top of props.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed damage to go negative and healing to go positive.
  • Ponzu’s breath weapon now more reliably travels the full distance.
  • The zone layout engine now tries 10x harder to create a valid layout.
  • Plague.pngPlague can no longer proc from touching food at full health with the “pickup food at full health” option turned off.
  • Fixed a layering issue with Ponzu’s statues and Ball and Chain traps.
  • Cleaned up a number of lever-related issues in all zones.
  • Noori’s arms no longer give XP to your combat familiars.
  • Fixed a softlock that could occur by picking up an item on the same frame that it died.
  • Fixed a softlock that could occur by leaving Mr. Rat’s encounter at the wrong time.
  • Fixed a number of crashes.

Balance Changes

Other Changes

  • Item tooltips now show the type of item, such as “Basic Item”, “Relic”, or “Upgrade”.
  • The peasant’s hazard detection area has been moved slightly more towards his feet, making it slightly easier to predict when he will fall in a pit.
  • The Game Over screen can now be scrolled by using the left analog stick on a controller (and with a mouse, as before).
  • Rare chests can no longer spawn if you have discovered every blueprint and have 999 Thorium.
  • Fire left behind by Lava Walkers.pngLava Walkers and Seer's Blood.pngSeer's Blood will no longer ignite your thrown pickaxe.