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SteamOS / Linux


March 27, 2020







Welcome to the Othermine! UnderMine’s brand new rogue mode. Othermine is unlocked when the player completes the 4 main zones and enters Nowhere at the end of their run. Once unlocked, you can speak with The Gatekeeper in what we are now calling the Terminal. The terminal is a room that sits to the north of the main lobby. Giving The Gatekeeper a Nether.pngNether will open the Othermine.

The peasant takes nothing into or out of the Othermine except for Thorium1.pngThorium and Nether.pngNether. So each Othermine run starts the peasant at zero upgrades (with a couple of exceptions like Glasses) and zero gold. Once you enter, you will be dropped into the Antechamber where you will receive some random upgrades, and will need to choose a Relic, Blessing, Familiar, and Curse. Then you’re off!


Nether.pngNether is a new currency found in the UnderMine. Primarily you can earn it by crafting items once you have unlocked The Gatekeeper. You will also earn a Nether.pngNether by completing an Othermine run. Once nearly all items have been crafted, you can discover a Nether.pngNether recipe which will allow The Gatekeeper to craft it for Thorium1.pngThorium.

Othermine Crown.pngOthermine Crown

When a peasant enters the Othermine they don Othermine Crown.pngOthermine Crown. The crown can be upgraded in appearance by completing Othermine runs. However, if the peasant ever dies inside the Othermine, their crown will be lost and revert back to its default state. Win streaks will be tracked on the save file. It’s important to note that a streak and crown can only be lost inside the Othermine. Dying in the UnderMine won’t count.

Magic Mirror

There is a new Magic Mirror that appears in Arkanos’ library, shortly after the beginning of the game. This mirror will randomize your appearance and name.

Explorer's Boots

Getting around the UnderMine can sometimes be tedious, especially when hunting for secrets. You can now buy an upgrade from Hoodie called the Explorer's Boots.pngExplorer's Boots. These boots will give the peasant a 40% out-of-combat movement speed boost. They automatically become disabled when taking damage, entering combat, or jumping. They can also be manually toggled off with a rebindable key.



New Familiars

Seven New Achievements

Ach othermine discovered.png Break on Through (To the Othermine)
Discovered the Othermine
Ach othermine complete.png King for a Day
Completed a run of the Othermine
Ach othermine complete 2.png Streaking
Completed 3 runs of Othermine without dying
Ach cursed shield.png Soul Restored
[Click to show]Transformed Siegfried's Aegis
Ach othermine naked.png The Naked and Famous
Completed an Othermine run without upgrades from the antechamber chest or shops
Ach masamune.png Master Swordsman
[Click to show]Discovered the legendary Masamune
Ach debt.png Upstanding Credit
[Click to show]Paid off your loans

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit with the Canary.pngCanary and Lunchbox.pngLunchbox that allowed you to spawn unlimited golden food
  • Fixed a bug causing Vorpal Blade.pngVorpal Blade to miss its second hit if you also have Grimhilde's Mirror.pngGrimhilde's Mirror
  • Fixed a few lines of dialog that didn’t correctly account for peasant gender
  • Re-tuned the animation timings of familiars so they don’t flutter on high Hz monitors
  • Fixed an issue that caused Black Rabbit’s Lever Game to usually be the rightmost lever
  • Improved Ticker.pngTicker behavior to more reliably aggro when taking damage
  • Fixed an issue that would instantly put Sol's Phoenix.pngSol's Phoenix to max level if you slept in a Tent.pngTent
  • Eradicated a rare layout bug that would prevent you from exiting the starting room
  • Fixed an issue causing Dirk's Hammer.pngDirk's Hammer to transmute Thorium1.pngThorium
  • Noori’s cursed fireballs can no longer curse you after Noori is dead
  • Improved Glomp behavior so they no longer attack you while attacking you
  • Empty treasure chests no longer show up on the Minimap
  • Lightning Mite.pngLightning Mites can now be transmuted to gold with Midas Touch.pngMidas Touch
  • Fixed an exploit with open chests and Rabbit Gloves.pngRabbit Gloves
  • Footman.pngFootman no longer shares the same guid as Dodson
    • b8fdbd1e92084a05b7069c368f1df718 > b1693ba1254e40508dbb417a606d13b1
  • Fixed name of Practice Dummy.pngPractice Dummy
  • Fixed name of Red Shop Keeper

Balance Changes

  • Increased the duration of Biscuits.pngBiscuits, Numbing Cream.pngNumbing Cream, and Berserker's Brew.pngBerserker's Brew
  • Increased the purchase price of Midas Touch.pngMidas Touch: Gold100.png 300 > Gold100.png 375
  • Waking Light.pngWaking Light fireballs now fires less frequently and deal less damage
  • Tuned the damage, HP, and behavior of several bosses. Notably, Ponzu’s roar is now better telegraphed, his breath weapon no longer ignores your grace period, and he spawns fewer Scales at the start of stage 4
  • Added a randomized delay between Lurker shots to offset them from each other
  • Buffed the drop rate increase granted by Petrified Rock.pngPetrified Rock
  • Reduced the damage reduction of Battle Axe.pngBattle Axe
  • Removed the damage reduction of Glaive.pngGlaive
  • Branding Bomb.pngBranding Bombs now give +10 bombs on pickup
  • U-235.pngU-235 now give +5 bombs on pickup
  • Gargoyle.pngGargoyle’s Bombardment attack no longer ignites
  • Gold Sack upgrades are now cheaper
  • Caustic Vial.pngCaustic Vial no longer does friendly fire
  • Rabbit Gloves.pngRabbit Gloves
    • Minor Curse.png 3 > Minor Curse.png 1
    • Major Curse.png 0 > Major Curse.png 1
  • Mushroom.pngMushroom no longer gives an initial -50 to your max HP
    • Gold100.png 460 > Gold500.png 540
    • Minor Curse.png 2 > Minor Curse.png 3
  • Transmutagen Blast.pngTransmutagen Blast
    • Gold500.png 3,333 > Gold500.png 1,111
    • Major Curse.png 5 > Major Curse.png 3
  • Suneater.pngSuneater
    • Minor Curse.png 3 > Minor Curse.png 0
    • Major Curse.png 0 > Major Curse.png 2
  • Tsar Bomba.pngTsar Bomba
    • Minor Curse.png 2 > Minor Curse.png 1
    • Major Curse.png 0 > Major Curse.png 1
  • Goldsack
    • Patchwork Sack (Upgrade 1): Gold100.png 200 > Gold100.png 150
    • Potato Sack (Upgrade 2): Gold100.png 400 > Gold100.png 300
    • Drawstring Pack (Upgrade 3): Gold500.png 750 > Gold500.png 600
    • Spidersilk Sack (Upgrade 4): Gold500.png 1,500 > Gold500.png 1,200
    • Leather Bag (Upgrade 5): Gold500.png 3,500 > Gold500.png 1,800
    • Reinforced Leather Bag (Upgrade 6): Gold500.png 6,000 > Gold500.png 3,000
    • Hide Pouch (Upgrade 7): Gold500.png 14,000 > Gold500.png 5,000
    • Iron Woven Sack (Upgrade 8): Gold500.png 25,000 > Gold500.png 10,000
    • Diamond Studded Pack (Upgrade 9): Gold500.png 50,000 > Gold500.png 20,000
  • Antimatter.pngAntimatter now procs your grace period to prevent you from getting hit again right away
  • Increased the drop rate of items from rocks
  • Glimmerweeds and Gargoyles now have a 1s delay on their behavior to avoid them instantly attacking you when entering a room

Other Changes

  • Added a new run timer to the HUD, along with a boss split timer. These can both be toggled via a new option in the menu
  • Added a new “Autoswap Potions” option to the menu that will automatically switch to new potions you pick up
  • Price decorators have been simplified to now show a green arrow down or a red arrow up to indicate adjustments to the base price
  • Added support for Indestructible curses, which cannot be removed through normal means
  • Pilfer Credit Card Gold.pngPilfer Credit Cards can now only be found in the Othermine. Debt now carries forward to future Othermine runs until you pay it off or die trying
  • Added a nighttime mode to the title screen
  • Movement is now slightly biased towards E or W when moving diagonally with a keyboard to prevent stuttering
  • Controller dead zone implementation has been overhauled to be more reliable
  • The Game Over screen icons now scale to half size past a certain threshold to make sharing screenshots of your run summary easier
  • Crystalline projectiles have been color-shifted so they are easier to see against the background
  • Thorium1.pngThorium and Nether.pngNether counts now autohide to save UI space
  • Added a small delay before a Chooser popup will allow input to help prevent accidental selections
  • Bramble Vest (Bramble Vest Revision 1.png > Bramble Vest.png), Malicious Intent (Malicious Intent Revision 1.png > Malicious Intent.png), and Loyalty (Loyalty Revision 1.png > Loyalty.png) have new icons
  • Black Rabbit will remark when selling her familiar relics
  • The secret shopkeeper now has some dialog
  • Changed the subfloors of the Priestess encounter to avoid confusion with other hidden rooms
  • Mortar no longer displays damage kickers on his body
  • Lillyth now moves to the terminal room when she is upset with Arkanos
  • Priest.pngPriest
    • Changed effect-type of "Focused Heal": Physical > Healing
    • Changed effect-amount of "Focused Heal": -20 > 20
  • Removed Pickaxe.pngTrusty Boots
  • Removed Pilfer Credit Card Gold.pngPilfer Credit Card