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Basic items help you advance further in the adventure and may drop from chests, destructible objects, like rocks, pots, etc, enemies, and can be found in skeletons when peeping on them, or be acquired by purchasing them in the Hub or Shops when available. These items can be duplicated when Popcorn Kernels.pngPopcorn Kernels are used or if you have Popcorn.pngPopcorn in your possession.

Basic items include:


  • Most Basic items are available from the start. You don't need to unlock them, but there are many different upgrades for some of them that may be unlocked using Gold10.pngGold. The exception to this are Talismans, which are made available when you rescue Lillyth, and can then be found within the dungeon.
  • Bombs and keys may be stacked.
  • When using any kind of Transmute, these may turn into each other.