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The Othermine is UnderMine's roguelike mode. The northern room in the hub (referred to as "the Terminal") is unlocked when the player completes the 5 main zones and enters Nowhere at the end of their run. Giving The Gatekeeper inside the Terminal a Nether.pngNether will open the Othermine.

The peasant takes no gold or upgrades into or out of the Othermine with a few exceptions, such as Glasses.pngGlasses. The player is dropped into the Antechamber at the beginning of each run where they receive some random upgrades and choose a relic, blessing, familiar, and curse.


At the start of every new location, the player enters the Antechamber. The Antechamber contains 2 relics, 2 blessings and 2 major curses. You must pick one of each to continue to the next floor. Upon picking up one, the other disappears.

The first Antechamber contains also 2 familiars which you pick one from, Valeen, Siegfried's Aegis.pngSiegfried's Aegis at the top right corner and a big chest containing some upgrades.

Differences in gameplay

  • The Othermine consists of 3 floors per location and the Antechamber in between them.
  • It has 12 floors unlike Undermine's 20.
  • The Order of locations is randomized, and the bosses do not have to appear in their usual zone.
  • You cannot go back up after defeating a boss.
  • Shops will have more items as you progress the Othermine. They may also be behind a rock-wall which needs to be bombed or locked.
  • More than 2 secret rooms and more than 1 crawl space may spawn naturally. There may be two shops (at least one will be blocked behind a wall) and two relic rooms (one requires 1 key, and the other 4 keys) spawning in a floor.
  • When bosses are defeated, the gold is dropped to the ground, and not in a gold chest, and they drop schematics, making Othermine a reliable way to gain those.


Ach othermine discovered.png Break on Through (To the Othermine)
Discovered the Othermine
Ach othermine complete.png King for a Day
Completed a run of the Othermine
Ach othermine complete 2.png Streaking
Completed 3 runs of Othermine without dying
Ach cursed shield.png Soul Restored
[Click to show]Transformed Siegfried's Aegis
Ach othermine naked.png The Naked and Famous
Completed an Othermine run without upgrades from the antechamber chest or shops


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • Added Othermine.


  • Every first and third floor of a location contains an altar room. (Altars will appear in othermine 1,3,4,6,7,9,10,12.)
  • Relics can be transmuted in the Antechamber as well.