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This Bestiary provides a brief overview of various creatures in various shapes and sizes in UnderMine and many of them are enemies for the player character. For special enemies look at Bosses and Mini Bosses, enemies which challenge the peasant in greater battles.

List of Enemies



This is a list of Enemies that were removed from the game


  • Flying enemies will not be hurt by Bobo running into them.
  • Flying enemies that are set on fire cannot extinguish themselves.
  • Some enemies are strong or weak against different damage types. These types are: fire, lightning, explosives.
  • The creatures which aren't counted as enemies don't affect: Room clearing, some Relics (such as Guidance.pngGuidance and Mushroom.pngMushroom), some Curses (such as Poison Mushroom.pngPoison Mushroom and Venomous.pngVenomous), etc.