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SteamOS / Linux

Nintendo Switch



August 6, 2021



Camilla, Second Disciplinarian and WHIP

Welcome to WHIP peasant! Camilla has occupied Arkanos’ empty library and has a new motivational strategy. The Worker’s Helpful Incentive Program, or WHIP for short, is a daily run mode. Each day Camilla will present you with a random set of hexes, items, and a familiar. Your job is to run either Undermine or Othermine and score the highest score you can. Your best run will be placed on a daily leaderboard against other players. See if you can score the highest!


There is now a log in the journal that stores information about recent runs. See past runs in both Undermine and Othermine. See what their seed was, how much gold was collected, which enemies were defeated, and in the case of WHIP, how high a score was achieved.

Familiar Styles

Each familiar now has an alternate style that can be toggled at a magic mirror in Griswold’s room. Familiar styles can be unlocked by scoring over 100,000 points and completing a WHIP run with a particular familiar.

New Items:


  • Pale Likeness.pngPale Likeness - A familiar that is unlocked after defeating Din. The Pale Likeness tends to do more harm than good.
  • Murderous Queen.pngMurderous Queen - A familiar unlocked by defeating the Plunder King in the Bog. The Murderous Queen attacks enemies with poison projectiles and spawns powerful healing blessings called Drop of Honey.pngDrops of Honey.





  • Amnesia.pngAmnesia - All your relics are destroyed after defeating a boss
  • Starvation.pngStarvation - Penance heals, but food and healing potions no longer drop
  • Nemesis.pngNemesis - Become prey
  • Stasis.pngStasis - Items are tapped in crystal
  • Blasphemy.pngBlasphemy - Altars are reversed
  • Accursed.pngAccursed - All shop items are cursed


Balance Changes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed graphic tiling issues in the entrance to Ponzu’s boss fight
  • Fixed an issue with Ponzu’s bubble splash attack that prevented it from dealing damage
  • Major improvements to Vorpal Blade.pngVorpal Blade's hit detection and facing lock at high attack speeds
  • Vorpal Blade.pngVorpal Blade is now better behaved when nullified
  • Fixed a small reflection problem on the walls in the Cavern
  • Tus no longer accepts credit
  • Tus no longer queues his actions, allowing you to donate to him twice with clever timing tricks
  • Familiar tooltip now highlights the third ability if the familiar is level 3
  • Unsealed Urn.pngCursed Jars are now affected by Midas Touch.pngMidas Potion and Kiss of the Succubus.pngKiss of the Succubus
  • Rabbit Gloves.pngRabbit Gloves now make all items in the shop free until an item is purchased
  • Salamander's Wrath.pngSalamander's Wrath and Venomous.pngVenomous now only proc off of physical damage to avoid a “death loop”
  • Gecko Blast.pngGecko Blast more reliably gathers items and hopefully won’t cause them to clip through the floor any more
  • Circinus.pngCircinus now works in the first room of each zone
  • Master Pickaxe.pngMaster Pickaxe beams no longer “double tap” bombs, causing them to launch backwards
  • Fixed a minor graphical error when moving into a room with Firebat.pngFirebats
  • Bog arrow traps no longer scale their health in Othermine
  • Pilfer Credit Card Black Edition.pngBlack Credit Card is no longer allowed on the relic altar
  • Fixed an issue where the portal to the final room would not spawn if Seer was killed too quickly
  • Fixed an issue that caused the invisible door blockers to not spawn correctly in doorways that had been opened with a bomb blast
  • Noori's portals are now more visible if spawned behind him
  • Sweaty Palms.pngSweaty Palms and Sweaty Fingers.pngFingers no longer queue damage events to keep procing after the damage has stopped
  • Ara.pngAra will now block curses before Doll.pngDoll does
  • Blessing, Curse, and Hex audio now only play a single instance to avoid a volume increase
  • Fixed a graphical issue that would cause your pickaxe’s trail to continue to render across the screen when transitioning rooms
  • Fixed some exit issues with Core encounters
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Penance.pngPenance to not show as “discovered” in the Journal.pngJournal
  • Selt can no longer pick up bombs after dying
  • Black Rabbit chest game has been fixed to no longer leave floating locked chains if you pull the lever that destroys the chests
  • Caustic Vial.pngCaustic Vial now detonates even if the enemy was killed in one attack
  • Fixed some numeric font consistencies across different languages
  • Fixed a display issue that could cause your windowed resolution to get stuck at 1x1

Other Changes:

  • Bosses now appear on every run. The Summoning Stone.pngsummoning stone can still be obtained by defeating all bosses on a single run.
  • The run seed is now displayed on pause menu and the game over screen
  • All constellation relics now mention that they are temporary
  • Red-Hot Nuggets.pngRed Hot Nuggets now has a visual effect applied to gold
  • Spatial Sickness.pngSpatial Sickness now uses the unified warp effect
  • Tus now has a Banjo.pngpet
  • Many changes have been made to how random events occur. Most things now obey the run seed, making runs far more deterministic.
  • The shortcut between the Dungeon and Halls is now permanent if the player opens it
  • You can no longer pickup potions while drinking
  • Nether.pngNether can now be crafted at the Gatekeeper by default, no longer requires a blueprint
  • Tent.pngTent now restores the player to full health and is no longer considered a heal
  • Large enemies will fall into pits less often
  • Removed proc audio from Mushroom.pngMushroom
  • Removed proc audio from Sagitta.pngSagitta
  • Removed the delay between peeping a Skeleton (object) 1.pngskeleton and it dropping treasure
  • Reduced the amount of decimals displayed on the stats tooltip
  • When Sho'guul runs out of legendary relics he will offer Hot Cross Bun.pngHot Crossed Buns
  • Rook's Fish.pngRook and Bishop's Fish.pngBish Fish should spawn less frequently
  • Large Ember.pngLarge Ember, Phoenix’s Radiance.pngRadiance, and Immolation Potion.pngImmolate have had their visual effect changed to better indicate their radius
  • Resurrection.pngResurrection now has audio
  • Craftsmanship.pngCraftsmanship and Sewing Kit.pngSewing Kit will no longer drop if the goldsack has been fully upgraded (unless they have never been discovered)