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Antechamber is a room in Undermine located in Nowhere and found frequently in Othermine.

When you first start an Othermine run you will drop into an Antechamber which gives you 4-7 options to choose from.

You must take a minimum of 4 things in order to open the exit into Othermine. You will choose between:

There are also 3 optional choices:

  • Hexes can be taken from Valeen.
  • Siegfried's Aegis.pngSiegfried's Aegis challenge can be initiated by picking up the shield in the corner.
  • The chest in the center which will give some random upgrades to take on the run.


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • The peasant takes nothing into or out of the Othermine except for Thorium1.pngThorium and Nether.pngNether. So each Othermine run starts the peasant at zero upgrades (with a couple of exceptions like Glasses) and zero gold. Once you enter, you will be dropped into the Antechamber where you will receive some random upgrades, and will need to choose a Relic, Blessing, Familiar, and Curse. Then you’re off!
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Othermine Antechamber music from not respecting your music volume setting.
  • Serious players require even more serious challenges. Now, after completing their first run, the player will unlock Valeen, the Crone. Valeen then joins the hub and the Othermine antechamber. The player can ask Valeen to hex them, which will apply powerful debuffs that can not be removed during a run. Hexes seriously alter a run and can be stacked on top of each other for additional challenge.
  • Chests spawned in the Othermine Antechamber will now drop loot.