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The Peasant in UnderMine is the controllable Character the player uses to go on an adventure. When they arrive in the mine, they will meet Arkanos, the Archmage, who wants to investigate the ongoing earthquakes, and where the Blacksmith has disappeared off to.

The player is always accompanied by their trusty Familiar, who helps them in various ways on their journey.

The players appearance can be randomly changed by using the Magic Mirror.pngMagic Mirror in Arkanos' Library.

Character creation

There are three game save slots available, each with their own player character. After selecting "Play" from the main menu, the player can either select an existing game, if one exists, or start a new game, creating a new character. New characters are also created automatically after a character dies, and will receive half of the previous character's Gold, unless a Sewing Kit.pngSewing Kit or Sack Upgrades are acquired or a run is completed. The character name and color of clothing, eyes, skin, and hair are chosen at random.

Game save slots.png

Character names are created randomly by combining parts from the following lists:

Prefix Suffix
  • Althal
  • Aman
  • An
  • Ari
  • Arth
  • Ash
  • Au
  • Baggle
  • Bar
  • Ben
  • Berin
  • Bern
  • Bor
  • Bri
  • Brom
  • Bry
  • Can
  • Car
  • Caro
  • Cass
  • Ced
  • Clif
  • Dain
  • Destr
  • Don
  • Dor
  • Ear
  • Ela
  • Ele
  • Eliz
  • Em
  • En
  • Ev
  • Fav
  • Fen
  • Fend
  • Forth
  • Fran
  • Freder
  • Gabri
  • Gav
  • Geoff
  • Gi
  • Gorv
  • Greg
  • Had
  • Hen
  • Jan
  • Jansh
  • Jar
  • Jas
  • Jess
  • Jos
  • Jose
  • Julli
  • Just
  • Kay
  • Ken
  • Keri
  • Kins
  • Kris
  • La
  • Lay
  • Le
  • Leo
  • Lethold
  • Li
  • Lief
  • Liz
  • Lu
  • Ma
  • Mad
  • Mer
  • Mor
  • Nao
  • Oli
  • Oliv
  • Penel
  • Pet
  • Peyt
  • Quin
  • Ri
  • Rob
  • Ronal
  • Row
  • Ru
  • Rulf
  • Sad
  • Sar
  • Ser
  • Sim
  • Sky
  • So
  • Sor
  • Terr
  • Terro
  • Thom
  • Tris
  • Tyb
  • Ul
  • Vio
  • Wal
  • Walt
  • Wan
  • Wen
  • Will
  • Xal
  • Zan
  • a
  • ah
  • an
  • anna
  • ard
  • arke
  • beth
  • blood
  • by
  • cher
  • da
  • den
  • dice
  • down
  • drey
  • dy
  • eb
  • eline
  • ella
  • elle
  • en
  • ence
  • es
  • ette
  • frey
  • gan
  • ica
  • ice
  • ish
  • ker
  • la
  • lee
  • let
  • ley
  • lia
  • line
  • lyn
  • ma
  • man
  • mi
  • na
  • ne
  • olfe
  • ood
  • ope
  • ory
  • owne
  • phia
  • phie
  • phine
  • ring
  • ta
  • tan
  • ter
  • ver
  • via
  • y
  • ya
  • ylor
  • yne
For a full list of combinations, see Peasant Names.


Main article: Journal
The player journal, with the peasant's stats and tabs for bestiary and the items
Wait peasant! Take that journal on the table.Arkanos, the Archmage
Arkanos, the Archmage
Wait peasant! Take that journal on the table.

After speaking to Arkanos in the Library, the player will be told to pick up their first Artifact, a journal, and cannot leave the Library until they have done so. During the game, the player can look up the peasant's stats in the journal, which contains information about their equipment, health, how much damage they can inflict, their speed and their gold sack's integrity. The player can open the journal by pressing Tab on their keyboard.

Players can also look up their stats and see which artifacts, potions and relics were collected or which blessings and curses they have acquired.

Peasant equipment

Main article: Upgrades

Peasant equipment can be upgraded by spending Gold10.pngGold at Wayland's shop.

Character death

Character death.png

When a character's health is reduced to 0, they will die and respawn in the Hub as a new character. They will keep their journal but will lose some of their gold unless they found a Sewing Kit.pngSewing Kit or reached the end of The Golden Core, which counts as a death. If the player speaks to Arkanos in the library again, he will offer some items in exchange for Gold. The NPCs will also mention in dialogue that the player looks a little different. While on the death screen, you can find one of 24 randomly selected death-messages inside the journal. These messages can be one of the following:

Death messages
Survived by his loving husband
Survived by his loving wife.
Survived by his dog Charles, who is a very good boy.
Survived by his cat Snickers.
Survived by his family, who are now fighting over his stuff.
Leaves behind three snails named Alvin, Simon, and Theodore.
Leaves behind sixteen children, all of which are also peasants.
Will not be remembered. Will not be missed.
Was three days from retirement.
Was two days from retirement.
Was told by the fortune teller that he would die a terrible death.
Lived a full life. As much as a peasant could at least.
Lived to the ripe old age of thirty two.
Lived to the ripe old age of twenty seven.
Voted most likely to die in a mine.
Died doing what he loved.
Died doing what he detested.
Went out in pretty agonizing fashion
Devoted his life to his job, but did it poorly.
Devoted his entire life to his job.
Left the stove lit at home.
Left the world full of regret.
Left the world fulfilled and content.
Left the world the way he entered.


Ach die 1.png They Were Only Peasants
Died 10 times
Ach die 2.png A Mere Statistic
Died 50 times
Ach die 3.png A Slightly Larger Statistic
Died 100 times


  • Using the "Give up" option counts as a death, so it is possible to abuse it to gain these achievements. Be warned that a large amount of gold will be lost this way.