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Journal hexes.png

Hexes are powerful indestructible items, obtained via Valeen, the Crone after defeating Seer, World's Heart. Hexes are completely optional. They exist solely to provide additional challenges for those seeking a greater difficulty.

There are a total of 14 hexes. However, Siegfried's Torment.pngSiegfried's Torment must be unlocked by completing a run in Othermine with Siegfried's Aegis.pngSiegfried's Aegis.

Each WHIP is assigned between two and three hexes, the chances for a given hex to appear in a WHIP can be found on the Hex Loot page.

List of Hexes



Ach hexcellent.png Hexcellent
Completed a run with at least 2 hexes


VersionAdditions and Changes
1.0.0Added Hex.
Total of 8 Hexes added.
1.2.0Number of Hexes increased to 14.