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Curses are an in-game mechanic that either lowers the player's stats or bestows some other negative effect.

There are two different types of curses. Major Curse.pngMajor Curse are strong, negative status effects that can not be stacked, and can only be received once per run even after removal. Minor Curse.pngMinor Curse are weak, negative status effects that can be stacked. Stacked minor curses will only count as a single curse towards items such as Aphotic Charm.pngAphotic Charm, Twisted Blade.pngTwisted Blade and Absolution.pngAbsolution.

Curses can be Indestructible but only under special conditions



Getting and removing curses

Curses are inflicted by:

A curse can be removed by:


VersionAdditions and Changes
1.0.0Number of Curses increased to 61.
1.1.0Number of Curses increased to 64.
1.2.0Number of Curses increased to 66.


  • During development an idea was thrown around about a curse called Miner's Lung that stuns you every once and a while, this curse has not been created as of yet.

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