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SteamOS / Linux


October 28, 2019






  • Discover Sho'guul, the Opulent Demon. He only appears under certain conditions, but if you do manage to find him you can make a trade for some pretty powerful items.
  • New Legendary Relics that can only be found in Sho'guul's lair. These new relics can increase your power, or significantly alter your playstyle, but they come at a cost.
  • Boss Reworks - Mortar and Noori have added new moves to their arsenal and provide an even bigger challenge than before.
  • Some fun surprises for Hallowe'en
  • A new Graphics Quality setting has been added to the menu in order to support low-end machines. Currently, this setting only affects Noori, but will be expanded in the future.
  • Now available in Russian!

Added 21 new Relics

  • Aphotic Charm.pngAphotic Charm - Heals upon entering a new encounter for each curse applied to the peasant
  • Battle Standard.pngBattle Standard - Get increased swing, throw, and movement speed upon entering a new encounter
  • Chakram.pngChakram - When thrown, the pickaxe hovers in one spot and can be reclaimed by throwing again
  • Emperor's Crown.pngEmperor's Crown - Grants the stats of the Queen and King crowns as well as an additional blessing
  • Doom Blade.pngDoom Blade - Increases damage for each curse applied to the peasant
  • Four Leaf Cleaver.pngFour Leaf Cleaver - Sometimes drop golden meat from your enemies
  • Glass Cannon.pngGlass Cannon - Dramatically increases damage, and dramatically reduces maximum health
  • Hot Cross Bun.pngHot Cross Bun - Increases maximum health by 1
  • Kurtz' Stache.pngKurtz' Stache - A locked box that opens when enough curses have been picked up
  • Lockpick.pngLockpick - Opens doors without keys but has a chance to break
  • Lucky Charm.pngLucky Charm - The peasant has a chance to live every time he takes lethal damage
  • Lucky Lockpick.pngLucky Lockpick - The effects of Lockpick and Lucky Charm, but it can not break
  • Miniaturizer.pngMiniaturizer - Find small chests in all normal chests
  • Mjölnir.pngMjölnir - Cast an AOE lightning burst when grabbing the pickaxe
  • Karmic Scale.pngKarmic Scale - The peasants health is reduced to 5, but all damage and healing are changed to 1
  • Pocket of Holding.pngPocket of Holding - Gain two temporary bombs for each new encounter
  • Rabbit Gloves.pngRabbit Gloves - Makes one item free in every shop
  • Pilfer Credit Card Gold.pngPilfer Credit Card - Allows the peasant to go into debt, but it must be repaid
  • Fan of Knives.pngFan of Knives - When enemies are hit with a ranged critical strike they fire daggers out that can themselves critical strike
  • Inverter.pngInverter - When losing a curse, gain a blessing
  • Sequence Breaker.pngSequence Breaker - Allows the peasant to teleport to the pickaxe when pressing the throw button again

Added 7 new Potions

  • Absolution.pngAbsolution - Removes 5 curses, if the peasant has 5 curses
  • Cure All.pngCure All - Cures everything in an area
  • Purification Potion.pngPurification Potion - Removes all curses, keys, bombs, and reduces the peasant’s health to 1
  • Witch's Brew.pngWitch's Brew - Gives 13 curses
  • Blood Chalice.pngBlood Chalice - Spawns a couple items for 25% health, but has a chance of dropping another Blood Chalice
  • Ghostly Ichor.pngGhostly Ichor - Heal over time, but grows stronger with curses
  • Battle Standard.pngInvigorated - Increased move, attack, and throw speed

Added 3 new Blessings

Added 7 new Curses

  • Bottle Blight.pngBottle Blight - Carrying potions into new encounters deals damage to the peasant
  • Bottle Stopper.pngBottle Stopper - Lose two potion slots
  • Mutation.pngMutation - Turns all relics into potions
  • Plague.pngPlague- Food is half as effective and may poison you
  • Relic Eater.pngRelic Eater - Destroys a relic for every 50 enemies killed
  • Secrecy.pngSecrecy - Can no longer spot hidden walls
  • Spatial Sickness.pngSpatial Sickness - Teleports the peasant to a random location when taking damage
  • Security Theater.pngSecurity Theater (This curse was also added with the update just wasnt writen in the update notes) - The shop is locked up tight

Added 3 new achievements

Ach demon deal.png Deal with the Demon
[Click to show]Made a deal with the demon Sho'guul
Ach tutorial complete.png It's a Secret to Everyone
[Click to show]Completed the tutorial
Ach craft relic 4.png Artisan IV
Crafted 30 new relics

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where switch costs weren’t disappearing in a Halls of Din encounter
  • Fixed an issue where Spider Nests were spawning over pillars in a Halls of Din encounter
  • Fixed a bug where the cost of Black Rabbit’s lever game was not scaling
  • Fast Metabolism.pngFast Metabolism no longer inadvertently stacks
  • The Hub navigation mesh has been rebuilt in order to prevent Sequence Breaker.pngSequence Breaker problems
  • Mrs. Rat’s crate now heals at a slightly slower rate
  • Immolation Potion.pngImmolation Potion, Large Ember.pngLarge Ember, and Radiance now perform better
  • Resource kickers no longer block mouse clicks
  • Fixed some issues causing Black Rabbit’s lever game chests to spawn in the wrong position
  • Cleaned up some old behavior that caused items in the secret shop to take damage when launched against the wall
  • Fixed a Mines encounter where a minecart was carrying a chest
  • Tenderfoot.pngTenderfoot now has the proper curse border
  • Fixed an issue where players could constantly respawn a ghost bridge in a Halls of Din encounter
  • Fixed an issue where Powder Shortage.pngPowder Shortage and other modifiers were conflicting with each other, producing weird stat results

Balance Changes

Other Changes

  • Selt has been promoted to Queen
  • Golden food has been reworked. Heals for half the amount of regular food. Counts as both gold and food in almost all cases. Sells for its gold value + half its food value
  • Golden Delicious.pngGolden Delicious now doubles the base healing of golden food
  • Keyboard movement now changes direction when pressing a new key, rather than releasing and old key
  • HUD status indicators are now sorted in Relic -> Blessing -> Potion order and show cooldown timers via a progress bar
  • Bramble Vest.pngBramble Vest now throws a spray of daggers when you get hit
  • Gecko's Foot.pngGecko's Foot now picks up Thorium
  • Removed the Dynamism.pngDynamism blessing (this was necessary to support new unique throwing items that significantly change how your thrown weapon works)
  • Removed the Floating Skull.pngAgony relic
  • Certain sets of relics are now “slot-unique”. This means that only one at a time can be carried in a particular slot.
    Bomb relics have always operated this way and now Guidance.pngGuidance, Chakram.pngChakram, and Sequence Breaker.pngSequence Breaker do as well
  • Iron Branch.pngIron Branch has been replaced by a stackable relic named Hot Cross Bun.pngHot Cross Bun as the fallback relic when the pool has been exhausted