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SteamOS / Linux

Xbox Game Pass

Nintendo Switch


August 6, 2020 / February 11, 2021 (Switch)



The Gate is Active and the Final Encounter is Nigh

Upon collecting all 5 boss fragments, the ancient and mysterious gate can be opened. Cross onto the other side and find what awaits.

New Final Room

Every peasant deserves some peace and time to contemplate after a run. Therefore, the room that houses Death’s Head (now Death’s Hand) has been transformed. Relax and soak in the tranquil ruins, gently lapped by the ripples of the fountain’s pooling water.

The Crone Valeen and Hexes

Serious players require even more serious challenges. Now, after completing their first run, the player will unlock Valeen, the Crone. Valeen then joins the hub and the Othermine antechamber. The player can ask Valeen to hex them, which will apply powerful debuffs that can not be removed during a run. Hexes seriously alter a run and can be stacked on top of each other for additional challenge.
With the exception of Siefried’s Torment, all hexes are unlocked at the same time as Valeen.
  • Siegfried's Torment.pngSiegfried's Torment - This hex is unlocked when the player finishes a cursed aegis run in the Othermine. It applies an indestructible curse on every floor.
  • Adventurer's Peril.pngAdventurer's Peril - Sets the peasant to a single health point for the entire run.
  • Red-Hot Nuggets.pngRed-Hot Nuggets - Inflicts damage on the peasant whenever they pick up gold.
  • Frostbite.pngFrostbite - Prevents the peasant from healing.
  • Unending Desolation.pngUnending Desolation - Floors no longer have relic rooms.
  • Dreadful Fog.pngDreadful Fog - Enemies have double the health and deal double damage.
  • Rogue's Ultimatum.pngRogue's Ultimatum - Disables all permanent upgrades (this hex is now used for the secondary boss achievements).
  • Chaotic Offering.pngChaotic Offering - All items appear the same.

Journal Improvements

Added Artifacts
  • Artifacts, such as special keys, boss fragments, Baba's mushrooms, and the Dusty Book now have their own tab in the journal. Each has a lore entry, and some contain hints as to what their use is.
Improved Player Stats
  • Mousing over, or focusing (with controller) the peasant’s combat stats will reveal a detailed breakdown of buffs and modifiers that contribute to the final statistic.
Lifetime Stats
  • Another tab has been added to the journal that tracks lifetime statistics. We’re looking to expand this so let us know if you have any suggestions.
Extended Description
  • The Journal now got it's own expended description.
    • An enchanted journal
    • A blank journal enchanted by Arkanos. It automatically inscribes everything its bearer senses, so there is no need to put pen to paper. It is passed on to new peasants by the canary along with the goldsack. This way peasants can know what their predecessors witnessed, and maybe not share in their fate.

Fully Expanded Map

The minimap now reveals the entire floor when expanded. It will scale in size to accommodate the size and shape of the floor.

Hoodie’s Care Package

Peasants will now be given a care package when fast traveling with Hoodie. It contains relics for your journey. The number of relics are proportional to how far you traveled, but are less numerous than if you made the trek the old fashioned way.

Steam Trading Cards

Trading cards will now appear in your Steam inventory as you play UnderMine. Trade them with other players, collecting full sets to unlock new badges, profile backgrounds, and emotes to be used across Steam.

Soundtrack Now Available

UnderMine’s OST, composed by the talented Wesley Slover, is now available for purchase. You can pick up your copy for $4.99 USD. It includes 30 tracks and beautiful album artwork.

Achievement Changes

We have changed the conditions by which players can earn the 5 “No Upgrades” boss achievements. Now, you simply need to defeat the 5 major bosses while using the “Rogue’s Ultimatum” hex, which is functionally the same as having no upgrades. This is to alleviate a lot of confusion around what constitutes an “upgrade” and to avoid the necessity to start a new save file. Please note
If you had previously earned these achievements under the old rules, you will still have them and do not need to earn them again.
  • The achievement “Between a Rock and a Hard Place” (Defeat the Rockpile Mimic without upgrades) has been removed and two new achievements have been added.

20 New Items

New Achievements

Ach hexcellent.png Hexcellent
Completed a run with at least 2 hexes
Ach overthrown.png Overthrown
[Click to show]Defeated Din, the Old King

New object

New enemies

Bug Fixes

  • Over 200 performance and memory optimizations across every area of the game. The stutter is dead!
  • Pathfinding data rebuilds are now timed better to prevent enemies from instantly falling into a pit or spending the entire encounter trying to walk through walls
  • Water reflections no longer render through floor tiles
  • Default settings in the options menu should now behave more predictably
  • Secret walls now layer the same as regular walls to prevent information leaks
  • The red shopkeeper is no longer mortal
  • Fixed an issue with Kiss of the Succubus that would prevent it from healing you
  • Improved Djinn and Pocket of Holding logic to more reliably proc in the first room of a zone
  • The shopkeeper’s hut now has a better hitbox to prevent items from getting stuck on it
  • Fixed an issue that would allow you to place the debuff granted by Branding Bombs onto the relic altar
  • Fixed a problem with swapping potions too quickly after picking up a new potion that would leave your potions in a bad state
  • Fixed an issue that would allow auto-attack items such as Othermine Conduit to damage bosses during the initial setup sequence
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Mortar to begin his final attack pattern early when running in Russian or German
  • You can no longer cancel out of Compulsion by jumping at the right time
  • TsarBomba no longer procs on Troll and Ogre bombs
  • Spikes should now spawn under grass much less frequently
  • Friendly Selt larvae can now be more reliably hit by enemies
  • Tightened up the hitbox on Master Pickaxe projectiles so they are less likely to get hung up on walls behind their direction of travel
  • Master Pickaxe projectiles will now enrage NPCs the same as a regular attack
  • The relic choice encounter in the Golden Core no longer allows you to take all 3 relics
  • Fixed a problem that would make Kurtz’s crew non-interactable if you return to his room later
  • Fixed some layering issues with Morningstar traps
  • Waking Light shots can now be correctly reflected with Grimhilde’s Mirror
  • Witch’s Brew will now backfill with minor curses if you’ve already encountered every curse on that run
  • Noori is now less likely to go briefly invisible when jumping around the room
  • Resolved a re-rolling issue that would allow you to pick up a Talisman just by touching it
  • Fixed a zone layout issue that would allow the relic altar room to spawn adjacent to only a secret room
  • Arrows are now considered minions to prevent them from being farmed
  • Noori’s beams now cut through the darkness to make them more visible when the torches are out
  • Potion timer states are now smarter about restoring to the correct ratio when loading a save file
  • Armor items such as Breastplate will no longer refill your armor pips if you juggle them on the relic altar
  • Fixed an issue with the “chooser” UI (like shown by the All Potion) that would cause it to fall off the screen if shown too close to the edge of the screen
  • Explorer’s Boots will no longer try to repeatedly activate while you are ignited or poisoned
  • The gargoyles guarding the Master’s Key can no longer be killed while in statue form before the fight begins. This prevents several situations that would cause the player to become locked in this room.
  • Fixed a small graphical glitch with the Dusty Book in the Hall Library
  • Chests spawned in the Othermine Antechamber will now drop loot
  • Player will no longer be locked in the Cavern/Core transition room, unless they speak with Toadvine or Bathcat
  • Cut scenes in the hub will no longer overlap if triggered at the same time

Balance Changes

  • Canary level 3 pickup delay has been lowered by 50%
  • Buffed Starlight Sip to now drop 16 meteors instead of 12
  • Rainbow Kernels can no longer duplicate All-Potions
  • Slightly lowered Large Rat health: 112 > 104
  • Slightly lowered Rat Matron health: 124 > 118
  • Slightly lowered Selt’s health: 0 > 1250
  • Slightly lowered Lurker health: 120 > 108
  • Bat behavior now has a 1 second delay to avoid shotgunning players on room entry
  • Lowered the cost of Echo Blast.pngEcho Blast: Gold500.png 2,500 > Gold500.png 2,000
  • Improved chances of finding Dogs and Kurtz
  • Increased the chance of finding mushroom encounters
  • Firebird’s fireball now ignites torches
  • Reduced Noori, Ponzu, and Seer’s health proportional to their overall health pool
  • Lowered the cost of Gecko’s Foot, Gecko’s Other Foot, Food Voucher, Food Voucher 2, and Basic Item Voucher
  • Thorium rocks now have a 20% chance to drop schematics
  • Lowered the amount of enemies and hazards that can appear in some smaller rooms
  • Crimson Skeleton.pngCrimson skeletons now regrow 1 second faster
  • Slightly reduced the length of the Crystal Lurker’s AOE
  • BasicGloves's costs changed: Gold50.png 50 > Gold5.png 0
  • Throwbo.pngThrowbo's Difficulty increased from 10 to 12
  • Reduced costs from Peasant's Bomb: Gold50.png 50 > Gold5.png 0
  • Reduced costs from Peasant's Mitts: Gold50.png 50 > Gold5.png 0; Thorium1.png 1 > Thorium1.png 0

Other Changes

  • UnderMine now runs on the Xbox One and Windows 10 Store!
  • UnderMine is now built on the .NET 4.x framework
  • Improved many of the wall textures in the Caverns
  • Updated Thorium intro video and removed Fandom intro video
  • Seer now casts smokescreen once per every 20% of his max hp lost
  • Seer’s “tail” hitbox has been tightened up to more accurately match his visuals
  • Numerous old item icons have been improved
  • A text reminder of your current potion now appears below the potion slot whenever you switch potions
  • The maximum summoning stone limit is now smaller (though still very large) to prevent boss health from overflowing
  • The peasant’s health bar now has a minimum width of 50 pixels
  • Enemies now make an effort to spawn at least 4 units away from the entryway
  • Float Boots and Float Potion now only show a floating effect when over a pit to no longer give the impression they will mitigate all ground hazards
  • Bobo’s hit detection has been improved to prevent him from running into things that are behind his direction of travel
  • Esc must now be pressed twice to skip the run summary screen
  • Caustic Vial now releases its poison cloud even if you one-shot an enemy
  • Added a correct telegraph flash to the Gremlin dash attack
  • Added new dialog to hub NPCs after the peasant has reached the Golden Core or defeated Seer
  • Fixed several NPCs so that they face the peasant when speaking to them
  • Added new music to Beltrame encounters in the mine
  • Added new music when first meeting Wayland in the mine
  • Added new music when meeting Dibble and Dodson for the first time
  • Added new music when battling Seer
  • Added mini-boss music to the Gargoyle encounter in the Dungeon
  • Added an additional hint to the tutorial
  • Twitter and Discord links have been added to the title screen
  • Improved several item icons
  • Food is now not allowed on altars
  • Baba's Name (Hidden) changed: Baba, the Alchemist > ???
  • The following items got an extended description:

Blastcap.pngBlastcap, Caverns Map.pngCaverns Map, Core Key.pngCore Key, Core Map.pngCore Map, Dungeon Key.pngDungeon Key, Dungeon Map.pngDungeon Map, Dusty Book.pngDusty Book, Halls Map.pngHalls Map Journal.pngJournal, Keystone.pngKeystone, Library Key.pngLibrary Key, Key to the Halls.pngKey to the Halls, Master's Key.pngMaster's Key, Mortar's Fragment.pngMortar's Fragment, Nether.pngNether, Nightshade.pngNightshade, Noori's Fragment.pngNoori's Fragment, Ponzu's Fragment.pngPonzu's Fragment, Prisoner Key.pngPrisoner Key, Seer's Fragment.pngSeer's Fragment, Selt's Fragment.pngSelt's Fragment, Shiitake.pngShiitake, Stone of the Recreant.pngStone of the Recreant, Summoning Stone.pngSummoning Stone

Ach rpm hardmode.png Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Defeated the Rockpile Mimic without upgrades

Hotfix 1



SteamOS / Linux


August 7, 2020



Hotfix 2

Xbox Game Pass


August 11, 2020

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with save files being overwritten or deleted
  • Fixed a bug that prevented menu navigation with the mouse