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SteamOS / Linux


September 30, 2019



Bug Fixes

  • Sylph.pngSylph’s Absolution ability now correctly reduces the cost of Penance.pngPenance
  • Tariffs.pngTariffs now correctly double all costs rather than tripling them
  • The Minimap now more reliably shows an open chest icon when you’ve collected the relic from the relic room
  • Fixed a rounding error when calculating your retained gold after a run
  • Fixed a bug in Halls of Din wave encounter related to destroying the sign before pulling the lever
  • Cursed torches can no longer curse enemies
  • Aegis.pngAegis no longer plays its proc sound when healing
  • Cell doors now trigger Haunted Locks.pngHaunted Locks
  • Fixed several input bugs related to falling down a pit while dead
  • Oil can no longer longer spawn on pits
  • Shop pilfers no longer get stuck if you buy their item before they’re done setting up
  • Mushroom babies are now much less massive
  • Firebird.pngFirebird can now reliably hit Noori
  • Black Rabbit’s lever game chest spawn position has been fixed
  • Cooking re-rolled food now gives you the correct cooked food type
  • Fixed some damage calculation bugs with the Knight's Pendant.pngKnight's Pendant and Archer's Pendant.pngArcher's Pendant
  • Fixed a bug with Key Blade.pngKey Blade that caused it to not recalculate its damage after drinking an Impish Key Bomb.pngImpish Key Bomb


  • Toughness.pngToughness now increases maximum health by 30
  • Frailty.pngMinor Frailty now decreases maximum health by 30
  • Frailty.pngMajor Frailty now decreases maximum health by 60
  • Firebird.pngFirebird's fireball now deals 50% of the peasant's Throw Damage rather than 100%
  • Firebird.pngFirebird's fireball ignite damage is now based on the peasant's Throw Damage rather than Swing Damage
  • Fire Attunement now increases fire damage by 50% rather than 100%
  • Electrical Attunement now increases lightning damage by 50% rather than 100%
  • Nikko.pngNikko now deals 50% of the peasant's Swing Damage rather than 100%
  • Shadow's Fang.pngShadow's Fang now increases crit chance by 50% of base rather than 100%
  • Selt now takes 50% fire damage
  • Mortar now takes 50% lightning damage
  • (Bosses will be added to the journal soon so that players can see their strengths and weaknesses)
  • War Paint.pngWar Paint now caps at 10 stacks
  • The maximum discount granted by Loyalty.pngLoyalty is now 80% off

Other Changes

  • The Djinn.pngDjinn now gains experience from exploring Secret Rooms and Crawl Spaces
  • Lowered the experience thresholds for the Djinn.pngDjinn to level up
  • Non-16:9 resolutions are now available in the options menu. This change is to better support for older MacBooks that cannot run in 16:9 resolutions, but we still recommend running in 16:9 whenever possible
  • The simulation now pauses while you pick up a relic, blueprint, or artifact
  • Potions now remember their HP between pickups. This means that each potion can now only be re-rolled with Transmutagen Blast.pngTransmutagen Blast at most 4 times before breaking
  • Changed Salamander's Wrath.pngSalamander's Wrath effect from All enemies ignite to All enemies ignite the peasant.