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Stats can be upgraded permanently by purchasing upgrades in the Hub and temporarily by using Relics, Blessings & Curses, or Potions. Bomb damage can be increased at Dodson's.

The Peasant's stats include health, swing damage, throw damage, bomb damage, and gold integrity.
Subset stats of those can be found by mousing over the main stats and include: armor, regeneration, damage amplification, healing amplification, swing speed, swing size, throw speed, throw range, throw size, critical chance, and critical multiplier.
Hidden stats include speed and elemental damage amplification.

Max Health

Main article: Max Health

Max Health is the maximum health the peasant can have.

Max Health is capped at 2.14 billion; if that is exceeded, max health will be set to one.

Max Health cannot be smaller than one; if there is a condition that would put max health below one, it will be one.

Current Health

Main article: Current Health

Current Health is the peasant's current health; it differs from Max health when the peasant take damage.

Current Health is capped at Max Health, and when it reaches zero, the peasant dies.

Healing Amplification

Main article: Healing Amplification

This stat is a multiplier on any healing.

This stat is capped at 9900%.


Main article: Armor

Armor are additional Health bars that can take a single hit.


Main article: Regeneration (Stat)

Free healing you get for exploring undiscovered rooms.

Damage Amplification

Main article: Damage Amplification

This stat affects the damage the player receives from hits.

This stat is capped at -75%.

Swing Damage

Main article: Swing Damage

Can be permanently upgraded by buying pickaxe upgrades.

Swing damage is not capped, though landing a hit that inflicts 2.14 billion damage will crash the game.

Swing Speed

Main article: Swing Speed

Maximum swing speed is capped at 5.0.

Swing Size

Main article: Swing Size

Max swing size is capped at 5.0.

Throw Damage

Main article: Throw Damage

Can be permanently upgraded when buying gloves in the Hub.

This stat is not capped, but doing more than 2.14 billion damage will crash the game.

Throw Speed

Main article: Throw Speed

Throw Speed is how fast the peasant can throw its pickaxe.

The cap for Throw Speed is 50.

Throw Range

Main article: Throw Range

Throw Range is how far the peasant can throw its pickaxe.

There is no known cap for Throw Range.

Throw Size

Main article: Throw Size

Throw Size is how large the thrown pickaxe is.

The cap for Throw Size is 3.

Bomb Damage

Main article: Bomb Damage

Can be upgraded at Dodson's shop.

This stat is not capped, but doing more than 2.14 billion damage will crash the game.

Blast Radius

Main article: Blast Radius

No associated Upgrade.

This stat is capped at 5.0.

Gold Integrity

Main article: Gold Integrity

Can be upgraded by buying more sacks. The maximum integrity from permanent upgrades is 95%.

The stat is capped at 100%.

Income Multiplier

Main article: Income Multiplier

This is a stat that increases the value of gold obtained via any manner.

This stat is not capped.

Shop Discount

Main article: Shop Discount

This is a stat that lowers (or increases) shop prices.

This stat is capped at -80%.

Critical Chance

Main article: Critical Chance

Critical chance can only be increased temporarily.

Base critical chance is 8%.

Critical Multiplier

Main article: Critical Multiplier

Critical multiplier can only be increased temporarily.

Base critical multiplier is 150% of the base damage (X1.5 damage).


Main article: Speed

Speed can be increased when out of danger by purchasing the Explorer's Boots.pngExplorer's Boots from Hoodie.

High speed allows the player to jump further and walk faster.

Potion Duration

Main article: Potion Duration

Potion duration can be upgraded by purchasing Slowth Berry.pngBerries from Baba, the Alchemist.

High potion duration will lengthen the time of potions that are active for a limited amount of time.


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • Reduced the amount of decimals displayed on the stats tooltip.