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Dungeon Exit is a room in UnderMine.

Dungeon Exit.png

This room is found on the fourth floor of Delvemore Dungeon, and it is required to enter this room to get to Halls of Din for the first time.

This room features a locked exit in the bottom right corner, two levers in the bottom left, and an exit to the north (which leads to the floor exit).

The exit in the bottom right will be unlocked after killing Mortar, and just leads to the Flooded Crater. This exit will always be locked if the boss has not been killed.

Creating a bridge

The cursed lever in the bottom left can be pulled to gain 8 Major Curse.pngMajor Curses and it will create a bridge across the gap that the peasant can jump onto. This will give the player a +80% chance to find Sho'guul's lair making it almost guaranteed to find in the next room, unless the player has found blessings before this room.

The other lever requires Key to the Halls.pngKey to the Halls which can only be attained by killing Mortar.

Interesting Behavior

If the cursed lever is pulled (generating a bridge), and then the key lever is pulled the key lever will remove and regenerate the bridge.

If the key lever is used it will be pulled on all future runs, this disables using the cursed lever in the future.

Alternative crossing methods

There are many other ways to get across this gap.


Simply getting Float Boots.pngFloat Boots or Float Potion.pngFloat Potion you can walk over the gap.


  • Sequence Breaker.pngSequence Breaker can be used to teleport across the gap if you have a long enough throw distance
  • Spatial Sickness.pngSpatial Sickness can also technically be used by jumping into the pit and teleporting to a random place in the room. Its likely alot of damage will be sustained using this method because there is not very many places to teleport to on the other side.

Echo Blast

If Echo Blast.pngEcho Blast has been purchased from Dodson it can be used to blow up the rocks on either side which will allow the player to simply jump across the gap.

Advanced Methods

A couple of methods have been developed that allow the player to get across with little to no items.

Speed Jump

The relic Battle Standard.pngBattle Standard gives the peasant a Speed boost of +3 that is just enough to jump straight across the hole. Since a Speed of +3 can make it across the gap the Coffee.pngCoffee potion can also be used to jump across.

Bomb Batting

If the player does not have Echo Blast.pngEcho Blast, they can precisely hit a bomb across the gap and into the pit with just enough time for the bomb to explode the lamp on the other side, then the player can jump across by jumping to the lower left most pixel of ground(on the right side or visa versa for the left) then jumping around the crystal wall to the ground where the torch was destroyed.

Bomb Jumping

Using a bomb to hit yourself out of the pit as you are falling can get you across the gap too. Make sure to hold shift and time the throw.

Smart Jumping

There is a ledge on the other side of the crystal walls that the player can stand on. With a precise jump it is possible to consistently jump to this ledge then just jump across as demonstrated in this video:

Altar/Transmute Bottle

It has been theorized that using a TRANSMUT3 in a Bottle.pngTRANSMUT3 in a Bottle to spawn a TRANSMUT3.pngTRANSMUT3 station in a precise enough position might make it possible to jump across onto the lantern without bomb batting. This also may be possible using Altar in a Bottle.pngAltar in a Bottle.


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • The shortcut between the Dungeon and Halls is now permanent if the player opens it.