Murderous Queen

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Murderous Queen
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Crafting Cost




Leveling up by

Killing enemies


A viciously defensive companion that isn't afraid to sting


The corruption of the bog turned bee against bee in a devastating civil war. The queen now sits upon a lonely throne.

Level 1

Poison Sting
The queen will occasionally sting enemies

Level 2

Drop of Honey
The queen will sometimes create a Drop of Honey, a powerful healing blessing

Level 3

Enriched Venom
Drop of Honey increases poison damage inflicted by the peasant or queen



Murderous Queen is the trusty Familiar of the Peasant, which fights enemies with poison stingers.

On familiar level 2, being accompanied by the Murderous Queen gives you a 5% chance to find Drop of Honey.pngDrops of Honey, which is a blessing that heals the player the amount of HP equal to the amount of blessing held upon pickup. Level 3 increases the poison damage for each Drop of Honey.pngDrop of Honey collected.

Murderous Queen gains experience from each enemy hit.

It can only be unlocked by defeating Plunder King in Undermine.

Familiar Style

Main article: Familiar Style

The Familiar style for Murderous Queen is called Hand of the Queen and it can only be unlocked on a WHIP that assigns Murderous Queen.

The Requirements for getting the Familiar Style is

  1. Greater than 100 000 points
  2. Make it to the Endroom

Positive Interactions

  • Cosmic Egg.pngCosmic Egg gives additional xp for each enemy hit and floor change.
  • Biscuits.pngBiscuits give additional xp for each enemy hit and floor change.
  • Toxin.pngToxin gives additional poison damage (Level 3)
  • Blighted Barb.pngBlighted Barb gives additional poison damage (Level 3)
  • Crippling Poison.pngCrippling Poison gives additinal poison damage (Level 3)
  • If the player has a level 3Sylph.pngSylph they can gain double Drop of Honey.pngDrop of Honey


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • Added Blessed Bee.
  • Renamed Blessed Bee to Murderous Queen.
  • Changed effect text from A feisty insect companion that heals you and stings your enemies to A viciously defensive companion that isn't afraid to string.
  • New Familiar Style Hand of the Queen.pngHand of the Queen.