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Lesser Demon
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Looks up to greater demons


Lesser demons lack the immense power of their greater cousins, but don't make the mistake of thinking they're toothless.

Level 1

Curse Eater
Removes a curse after defeating enemies and stores it for later

Level 2

Dark Light
Attacks enemies with a deadly beam

Level 3

Dark Light penetrates enemies and scales in damage and size for each eaten curse



Lesser Demon is a familiar that eats one of the Peasant's curses after defeating a certain amount of enemies. It is obtained by completing a run in the Othermine and cannot be found as a schematic.

At level 2, enemies hit with a thrown pickaxe are marked; only one enemy can be marked at a time. The Lesser Demon shoots lasers at the marked enemy to inflict damage and will damage enemies at 0.25x peasant Throw Damage. At level 3 the size and damage of the laser increases with each curse eaten, though it reaches its maximum width after Lesser Demon eats 4 curses.

Familiar Experience

Lesser Demon gains:

  • 100 XP for each curse eaten.
  • 40 XP per floor in Othermine.
  • 20/40/60/80/100 XP per floor in the 5 zones of Undermine respectively.

Familiar Style

Main article: Familiar Style

The Familiar style for Lesser Demon is called Stygian Grip and it can only be unlocked on a WHIP that assigns Lesser Demon.

The Requirements for getting the Familiar Style is

  1. Greater than 100 000 points
  2. Make it to the Endroom

Positive Interactions

  • Cosmic Egg.pngCosmic Egg gives additional xp for each curse and floor change.
  • Biscuits.pngBiscuits give additional xp for each curse and floor change.

Negative Interactions

  • Arachnophobia.pngArachnophobia Spawned spiders do not apply to Lesser Demon's count.


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • Added Lesser Demon.
  • Lesser Demon should now more reliably follow you after attacking. Additionally, his lv3 beam should now correctly scale damage based on the number of curses he’s eaten.
  • Fixed a tracking issue with Lesser Demon's attack.
  • All “eaters” (curses and Lesser Demon) now no longer count minions when killing an enemy.
  • Changed craft cost from Thorium3.png 250 to Thorium3.png 150.