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Golden Nugget.png
Index No.




Leveling up by

Picking up gold


A miner's best friend


In a weird change of pace, this canary seems to outlive the miners it works with.

Level 1

Helpful Assistant
The Canary picks up gold for the peasant

Level 2

Philosopher's Touch
Gold picked up by the Canary and the peasant is increased in value

Level 3

Pilfer Spirit
The Canary gains speed and can steal gold from Pilfers



Canary.pngCanary is the trusty familiar of the peasant and helps to collect gold.

You have the Canary at the very beginning of the game, and will adventure accompanied by it until you rescue Griswold, the Collector, with whom you may switch the Canary to other familiars.

Familiar Information

The Canary starts at level 1, and is slow to pick up gold at first. On level 2, the gold income is increased by 20%, which equals to 2 stacks of the Wealth.pngWealth Blessing. When the Canary reaches level 3, it speeds up considerably, picks up gold like a champion, and can also steal gold from the Pilfers, chirping victoriously whilst doing so.

In order to reach level 2, you need 200 XP, and to reach level 3, you need 800 XP. In other words, to level up the Canary to maximum level, you need to pick up a total of 1000 nuggets of gold.

Familiar Experience

The Canary gains:

  • 1 XP per gold nugget, despite the size of the nugget. Gold picked up by both the player and the Canary grant experience towards the Canary's level.
  • 40 XP per floor in Othermine.
  • 20/40/60/80/100 XP per floor in the 5 zones of Undermine respectively.

Familiar Style

Main article: Familiar Style

The Familiar style for Canary is called Golden Nugget and it can only be unlocked on a WHIP that assigns Canary.

The Requirements for getting the Familiar Style is

  1. Greater than 100 000 points
  2. Make it to the Endroom

Positive Interactions

  • Explosive Decompression.pngExplosive Decompression will drop gold on the ground for your familiar to pick up, even if it isn't accessible, or because it can't be seen due to the HUD
  • Biscuits.pngBiscuits give additional xp for each gold pickup and floor change.
  • Cosmic Egg.pngCosmic Egg gives additional xp for each gold pickup and floor change.


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • Added Canary.
  • Changed rarity from Common to Rare.
  • The canary, Pilfer.pngpilfers, and Pilfer Ring.pngPilfer Ring no longer try to pick up “costed” gold, for example, golden food for sale in the pilfer shop.
  • Canary can now more reliably pick up gold that has landed in awkward places.
  • Fixed an exploit with the Canary and Lunchbox.pngLunchbox that allowed you to spawn unlimited golden food.
  • Canary level 3 pickup delay has been lowered by 50%.
  • The Canary will no longer attempt to collect gold enemies.