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Chaos Spawn
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A child of the god Arengee


Chaos Spawn do not care for order. They have only one allegiance, and that is to entropy.

Level 1

Wheel of Fortune
Gain a random favor, or a curse at the beginning of a floor

Level 2

If the first wheel spin results in a curse, spin again

Level 3

Embrace Chaos
Spawns a relic if the peasant gains a curse, gains a blessing, heals damage, receives damage, and enters a secret room on a single floor



Chaos Spawn is a familiar of the Peasant. At the start of the floor, it gives the player a random effect out of: a random Minor Curse.pngminor curse, a random blessing, revealing the layout of the floor, 80 XP for the familiar, and a random basic item. When it reaches level 3 it spawns Relics for the Peasant when the following conditions are met: Gaining a curse, gaining a blessing, taking damage, healing damage, and entering a secret floor.

Experience required for level 2 familiar is 260, and for level 3 it is 520.

At level 3 the chaos spawn will display 6 colored orbs, one on each of its appendages

Chaos Spawn egg is found by completing 3 Othermine runs in a row.

Chaos Spawn gains experience from spinning the wheel at the beginning of a floor

Familiar Style

Main article: Familiar Style

The Familiar style for Chaos Spawn is called Stoneforge Discord and it can only be unlocked on a WHIP that assigns Chaos Spawn.

The Requirements for getting the Familiar Style is

  1. Greater than 100 000 points
  2. Make it to the Endroom

Positive Interactions

  • Cosmic Egg.pngCosmic Egg gives additional xp for each wheel spin and floor change.
  • Biscuits.pngBiscuits give additional xp for each wheel spin and floor change.


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • Added Chaos Spawn.
  • Fixed an issue with the Chaos Spawn’s level 3 ability which caused it to not reset on zone transition.
  • Changed craft cost from Thorium3.png 300 to Thorium3.png 200.