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Upgrades offer permanent increases to the Peasant's Stats and equipment, increasing their amounts, potency and effectiveness as well as upgrade and expand the various establishments and consumables found in the dungeon.

Peasant equipment

  • Pickaxe
    • Costs Gold500.png 132,625 to get all Pickaxe upgrades
  • Tunic
    • Costs Gold500.png 165,350 to get all Tunic upgrades
  • Gloves
    • Costs Gold500.png 99,600 to get all Gloves upgrades
  • Counter Weight
    • Costs Gold500.png 8,900 to get all Counter Weight upgrades
  • Bomb
    • Costs Gold500.png 99,325 to get all Bomb upgrades
  • Sack
    • Costs Gold500.png 42,050 to get all Sack upgrades


Costs Gold500.png 15,000 to get Berries



Costs Gold500.png 32,000 to get all Censers

Dibble's upgrades

Costs Gold500.png 4,800 to get all Dibble's upgrades


Costs Gold500.png 13,200 to get all Offerings


Costs Gold500.png 26,000 to get all Shakers


Costs Gold500.png 25,800 to get all TRANSMUT3 upgrades


Costs Gold500.png 42,050 to get all Vouchers


Costs Gold5.png 742,950 to get all Permanent Meta-Progression Upgrades and Gold5.png 942,950 for All Meta-Progression Upgrades


Ach max pilfer shop.png A Very Loyal Customer
Completely expanded the Pilfer shop
Ach bottle 2.png Bandolier
Fully expanded the potion slots
Ach bottle 1.png Belt Loop
Expanded the potion slot once
Ach max tunic.png Foxy
Fully upgraded the tunic
Ach max bomb dmg.png It's Pronounced Nuclear
Fully upgraded the bombs
Ach max gloves.png Like a Glove
Fully upgraded the gloves
Ach max goldsack.png Maximum Integrity
Fully upgraded the goldsack
Ach max counterweight.png Perfectly Balanced
Fully upgraded the counter weight
Ach max dibble shop.png Ready For Business
Completely expanded Dibble's shop
Ach buyout shop.png Supermarket Sweep
Bought every item in a fully expanded shop
Ach othermine naked.png The Naked and Famous
Completed an Othermine run without upgrades from the antechamber chest or shops
Ach max pickaxe.png Trusty Pickaxe
Fully upgraded the pickaxe
Ach mortar hardmode.png Thunderstruck
Defeated Mortar, Charged Golem while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied
Ach shadowlord hardmode.png Destroyer of Darkness
Defeated Noori, Spectre of Darkness while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied
Ach ponzu hardmode.png A Herculean Labor
Defeated Ponzu, Scaled Assembly while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied
Ach firelord hardmode.png Destroyer of Worlds
Defeated Seer, World's Heart while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied
Ach selt hardmode.png Worm Tamer
Defeated Selt, Queen of Sand while Rogue's Ultimatum is applied


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • The name and description of Pickaxe Upgrade 9 was changed from Golden Axe - The kind of axe a beast-riding, gnome-bashing, barbarian would use. to Steel Axe - A primitive but effective alloy weapon..
  • Craftsmanship.pngCraftsmanship and Sewing Kit.pngSewing Kit will no longer drop if the goldsack has been fully upgraded (unless they have never been discovered).
  • Most Sack prices reduced in cost