Goldmine Exit

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Goldmine Exit is a room in UnderMine.

This room is found on the fourth floor of the Goldmine, and it used to get to Delvemore Dungeon.

This room features a locked exit in the bottom left corner, and a locked exit to the north that requires Dungeon Key.pngDungeon Key to open and is gaurded by Toadvine and Bathcat.

The exit in the bottom left will be unlocked after killing Selt, and just leads to the Sand Pit. This exit will always be locked if the boss has not been killed.

There are two ways to obtain the Dungeon Key.pngDungeon Key required to open the Dungeon Exit door. The first way is to kill Selt and the second way is to defeat Toadvine and Bathcat.

The Goldmine Exit is also the only "Exit" that can be skipped by taking advange of secret rooms.