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Grimwood is a location referenced in the Bestiary.

It is referenced as a location that Drude.pngDrude and Shrill Bat.pngShrill Bat are from. Also the Fae Cherry.pngFae Cherry description refers to Grimwood aswell.

Their descriptions say

Drude: "Deep in the Grimwood lives a witch coven that practices dark and forbidden arts. Arts such as animation. They animate objects and twist their life essence for nefarious purposes.

Once, one of the Drude animated a fork to scratch the area between her shoulder blades. This fork's entire life now is to scratch itches for its master."

Shrill Bat: "Nights in the Grimwood are long and sleepless, filled with the piercing cries of the Shrill Bat."

Fae Cherry: "Fae cherries are in fact a berry, and are quite popular with the ferries that live in the Grimwood."