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Relics are special items in UnderMine. They are key in progressing further into UnderMine, and have various abilities that can completely change the perception of the game and how the game is played.

As of version 1.2.0 and above, UnderMine has 166 relics. Not all relics are available to the peasant at the start of the game and have to be crafted by Wayland using schematics.

Each relic has its own crafting cost ranging from 0-99 Thorium1.pngThorium. Once a relic is crafted it will permanently stay in the UnderMine for future use. If two relics are crafted at the blacksmith, only the first crafted relic can be taken on the run. The second relic crafted will be taken by a pilfer, but will still permanently show up in the UnderMine.

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List of relics



Ach craft relic 1.png Artisan I
Crafted a new relic
Ach craft relic 2.png Artisan II
Crafted 10 new relics
Ach craft relic 3.png Artisan III
Crafted 20 new relics
Ach craft relic 4.png Artisan IV
Crafted 30 new relics


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • Number of relics increased to 154.
  • Number of relics increased to 157.
  • Number of relics increased to 166.


  • Relics can be destroyed upon getting five hits and can fall into pits.
  • Relics can be found in shops, Offering Rooms, relic rooms, which exist on each floor, and they are always locked, except on the first floor of the Goldmine, or when crafting a relic for the first time, in the Hub.
  • If a player has gone through the entire item pool, only Hot Cross Bun.pngHot Cross Bun will spawn.
  • Mutation.pngMutation gives a 50% chance of relics to become potions.
  • Legendary relics cannot be transmuted.
  • Relics can be sold in exchange for some gold at Black Rabbit's shop.