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Sparkling spots

A sparkle effect.

Sparkling spots are small gold stars that can be found along walls and rocks in the game. They can be blown up with bombs (or anything that inflicts explosive damage, including enemies' attacks,) to reveal secret rooms and crawl spaces.

Sparkles appear if there was an explosion anywhere in the room, for example from hazards such as TNT barrels and mines explosions. Secrecy.pngSecrecy forbids sparkles to appear.

Drinking a Potion of True Sight.pngPotion of True Sight will reveal the passage when the player is near it, but it will still require a bomb to be accessed.

Upon entering a room with a crawl space or a secret room, the Djinn.pngDjinn will snap his hands and make the entrances sparkle.

Secret X

This x will appear rarely on the ground. Bombing the spot will spawn a blueprint for bombs. If all of them have been found it will not drop anything.

Secret Rooms

Secret Rooms are rooms hidden behind a wall. There are two secret rooms per floor; Adventurer's Hat.pngAdventurer's Hat greatly increases the chance of floors to generate three secret rooms. A room can have more than one secret room connected to it. A secret room can be connected to more than one room, including another secret room. While playing Othermine, sometimes floors generate 3 secret rooms as well.

Secret Rooms can contain puzzles, basic items, blessings, shrines, treasures, and dogs.

Crawl spaces

A crawl space.
Main article: Crawl Space

When certain rocks are destroyed they will reveal hidden crawl spaces. These passageways lead to a secret room that may house blessings, curses, or other treasure.

There is only one hidden crawl space under a rock per floor and it cannot spawn under rocks containing gold or in rocks located in secret rooms. Very rarely, another crawl space may spawn per floor in Othermine where the second one will have a Pilfer Market which has 3 connected Pilfer Shops.

Crawl spaces are marked on the mini-map once found.


The Debt.pngDebt curse has a method of removal that is generally considered secret which involves a small boss fight in the Storeroom.

Dibbles Secret Storeroom

When the player saves Dibble for the first time, he will always have a secret room behind him which can contain recipes and chests. If the Peasant approaches the secret room, he tries to keep them away from it.

Mario Coin Block

There is an Easter egg in the Terminal, between dungeon runs. There is a square shadow on top of the portal. This location is most easily reached by jumping up the rocks on the right side of the portal, then jumping to the top. Jumping while standing on the shadow will give you one gold for each jump. You can receive a maximum of eight gold by jumping quickly. This is a reference to the coin question mark block present in most Mario games where Mario jumps to hit a block repeatedly to receive coins for a set amount of time. This reference was confirmed to have been place in the game by Quasimodem in the Discord.[1]


There are two potions in the game that are unlocked in special ways:

Creatures that can open entrances

Secret Achievements

This is a list of all the secret Achievements

Ach skip boss 3.png An Unlikely Alliance
[Click to show]Entered the Shimmering Caverns before defeating Noori
Ach golden idol.png A True Adventurer
[Click to show]Discovered the Golden Idol
Ach demon deal.png Deal with the Demon
[Click to show]Made a deal with the demon Sho'guul
Ach secret.png Demolitionist
[Click to show]Discovered a secret room
Ach pilfers gift.png Everyone Be Cool, This is a Robbery
[Click to show]Found the Pilfer's Gift
Ach rescue dogs.png Good Boys
[Click to show]Found all 3 dogs in the UnderMine
Ach skip boss 2.png I Found A Shortcut
[Click to show]Entered the Halls of Din before defeating Mortar
Ach tutorial complete.png It's a Secret to Everyone
[Click to show]Completed the tutorial
Ach elixir.png I Was Saving That
[Click to show]Died with an Elixir in your inventory
Ach masamune.png Master Swordsman
[Click to show]Discovered the legendary Masamune
Ach shopception.png Shopception
[Click to show]Spawned a secret shop, in a secret shop, in a secret shop
Ach cursed shield.png Soul Restored
[Click to show]Transformed Siegfried's Aegis
Ach hidden.png Spelunker
[Click to show]Discovered a secret floor
Ach skip boss 1.png The Cat and the Toad
[Click to show]Entered the Delvemore Dungeon before defeating Selt
Ach debt.png Upstanding Credit
[Click to show]Paid off your loans

Other Secrets


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