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Nowhere is a location in UnderMine.

Not much is known about Nowhere beyond the fact that The Endroom, Sho'guul's lair and Antechamber are located there. The Noori Boss fight is also located in Nowhere.

Getting to Nowhere is very different for each of the four options.

  • Entering the Endroom requires the player to go through a purple portal that only shows up after Seer is defeated.
  • Entering Sho'guul's lair requires you to be swallowed by a mouth with a portal in it that looks to be made of the same material as Sho'guul.
  • Entering Antechamber requires The Gatekeeper to stab you for the price of Nether allowing your soul to travel through a blue portal. This specific entrance seems to indicate that Nowhere is somehow tied to Othermine as you travel back and forth between the two multiple times in a single Othermine run.
  • Entering The Noori Boss fight through a typical looking boss entrance also leads to Nowhere.