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Schematics are a group of items found in UnderMine. They are given to specific NPCs to craft the items they are for and unlock them for future runs (Thorium is needed to purchase these items). They can be found in different ways, from looting them from chests to killing bosses.

When unlocking a schematic that item is dropped and can be picked up for use in the next run. Multiple schematics of each category can be unlocked at the same time but only one can be taken with you into the mine. All extra unlocked items will be stolen by Pilfers.

Relic Blueprints

Parchment02 Large.png

These blueprints are given to Wayland to unlock new relics. They can be found in Thorium chests and secret rooms. Some unique relics such as Selt's Egg.pngSelt's Egg and Electrified Orb.pngElectrified Orb are dropped by defeating bosses, or given to the player by NPCs like Hungry Ghost.pngHungry Ghost and Wayland's Boots.pngWayland's Boots.

Potion Recipes

Scroll01 Large.png

These recipes are given to Baba the Alchemist to unlock new potions. They can be found in Thorium chests.

Blessing Tomes

Book01 Large.png

These tomes are given to Lillyth to unlock new blessings. They can be found from Thorium chests or after defeating bosses.

Familiar Eggs


These eggs are given to Griswold, the Collector to unlock new familiars. They can be found in Thorium chests, cursed chests, secret rooms with secret dogs, as bonus recipes from bosses, and when blowing up cursed torches.

Nightmare Blueprints


The nightmare blueprint is only found when unlocking the Siegfried's Torment.pngSiegfried's Torment Hex.

Style Schematics

Style Schematic.png

The Style Schematics can only be found at the end of WHIP runs, and are used to give the player Familiar Styles.


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