Offering Room

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Offering rooms are a Room type that contains at least 1 Relic on pedestals, which you can take at the cost of Curses.

If there are more than one Relic offered, only one can be taken.

The cost of the Curses can be doubled with Tariffs.pngTariffs.

You may have one of the Relics per free if you drink Freeloader Draught.pngFreeloader Draught in the room (you can still only pick up one Relic).

The rooms can be found in Crawl Spaces, or just normally spawned on the floor. When they spawn on the floor normally, the room will be locked (needs one Key to enter).

Destroying the Relics will give you the Curse cost.

An interesting strategy can be employed to take advantage of a bug in this room. If you break a relic and leave the room, then re-enter the room you can pick up more than one relic (if its one of the sacrifice rooms that have 3 relics in it).