Auduin's library

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Auduin's library.png

Auduin's library is a location in Halls of Din

This room is found in the Halls and contains the Dusty Book.pngDusty Book in the lecturn to the left of the door. It can only be entered after defeating 3 waves of enemies in the exclamation mark room and gathering the Library Key.pngLibrary Key

This library is named after Auduin also known as Din, the Old King.

There are also three Bookshelf.png bookshelves in this room:

  • Serfage and Suffrage (Lore related: A restricted book on peasants getting voting rights)
  • The Kaldobon Revolution (This is likely a lore reference)
  • A Dream of Spring (The planned final novel of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series by George R. R. Martin: A Dream of Spring)