Bog Puzzle Room 2

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Bog Puzzle Room 2 is a room in the Bog Trials


This puzzle room is the second secret room, it is a maze with a race to the gold in the center.


The door to the north will open if the player gets the gold before the

The main intended solution for this room to travel through the maze as fast of you can to get to the gold.


After getting the gold the two walls marked above in blue will be lowered coincided by the north door opening.


Alternate Solutions

  • Gecko Blast.pngGecko Blast can be used to bring the gold straight to the peasant, allowing for a quick victory. (The Pilfer.pngPilfer will not attempt to go further in the maze than the center to get the gold)


  • Auglycerin.pngAuglycerin and Golden Kernels.pngGolden Kernels can be used in the room, however on the original piece of gold will trigger the win condition. No Pilfer.pngpilfers (Beyond the first one) will spawn in this room making it ideal for collecting and doubling gold in, much like boss rooms.