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A shop that is run by the Shop Keeper. Appears on every floor starting from Goldmine 2 or from Othermine 2.

The player can pay Gold500.png 1,200 to join the loyalty program, which will unlock the Pilfer (NPC) in the Hub.

A TRANSMUT3 will spawn randomly if TRANSMUT3.pngTRANSMUT3 Installation upgrade is bought. More often with the TRANSMUT3.pngTRANSMUT3 Expansion and even more often with the TRANSMUT3.pngTRANSMUT3 Saturation.

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  • Any Items that are destroyed in the shop will take money from the players. This can bring them down to 0 gold.
  • Food can be grilled in the shop to get more value, but their cost will increase a lot.
  • Gold is the only currency for this Shop.
  • The shop may require a Key to get into.
  • The shop will always contain at least 1 Food item and 1 Basic Item.
  • This shop can be upgraded by buying upgrades from the Pilfer (NPC).
  • Some Curses, such as Waking Light.pngWaking Light and Rain of Fire.pngRain of Fire are ignored in the shop and will not activate.
  • Bombing the cart in the upper right corner of the shop gives a 2% chance to spawn a Relic.[1]
  • If the Debt.pngDebt Curse is present talking to the Shop Keeper will let you pay off your debt without gold, for a different price.


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