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The Hub is the area where the player starts between each adventure into Undermine or the Othermine (initially locked). Some NPCs must be unlocked or otherwise lured to the Hub before becoming available.

The Hub is section of rooms intended for unlocking upgrades and NPCs.

  • Lillyth - teacher of blessings. Can be found in multiple rooms depending on the progress.

Merchant's Hall

Main article: Merchant's Hall

The center room is the Merchant's Hall dedicated for merchants such as


Main article: Forge

To the south of the center room can be found the Forge where you can craft relics and buy upgrades


Main article: Laboratory

To the east of the center room can be found Babas' Laboratory where you can craft potions and buy upgrades


Main article: Library

To the west of the center room is where the Library can be found. This is where you can find the Magic Mirror and buy upgrades


Main article: Terminal

To the north of the center room can be found The Terminal where you can enter the Othermine

Collector's Room

Main article: Collector's Room

To the north of Arkanos’ Library can be found the Collector's Room where you can unlock and fetch unlocked familiars


There are no Pilfers in the hub that will steal Gold dropped on the floor. However, to avoid an overpowered run, Pilfers will appear and steal any additional Potions, Relics, or Blessings beyond the first one unlocked in a single visit to the hub. These Pilfers cannot be stopped.