Dibble's Emporium

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Dibble's Emporium is a shop owned by Dibble, and is first encountered in the Delvemore Dungeon. It will cost 2 keys to enter his shop, where he will have a Key Ring.pngKey Ring and Bag O' Bombs.pngBag O' Bombs on sale for half price. Once you have unlocked his shop, Dibble will appear in the the Hub and offer bombs, keys, and potions for sale to the player for use on their next run.

The shop can be upgraded with Silver Star Membership.pngSilver Star Membership, Gold Star Membership.pngGold Star Membership, Super Special Supplies.pngSuper Special Supplies and Lost Supply Box.pngLost Supply Box.


Ach max dibble shop.png Ready For Business
Completely expanded Dibble's shop