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Potions are Items in UnderMine that are only usable once, and either have an effect duration like the Strength Serum, or make something happen once like the Chest in a Bottle. The Journal includes a section on Potions in the Items tab.

Potions with a duration stack the timers when drinking multiple of the same potion.


Removed Potions


Ach craft potion 1.png Chemist I
Crafted a new potion
Ach craft potion 2.png Chemist II
Crafted 10 new potions
Ach same potion.png Why Can't I Hold All These Potions?
Held 3 of the same potion at the same time
Ach elixir.png I Was Saving That
[Click to show]Died with an Elixir in your inventory
Ach popcorn heist.png Piracy
Stole an item from the shop
Ach cleanse.png Purified
Cleansed a curse for the first time
Ach shopception.png Shopception
[Click to show]Spawned a secret shop, in a secret shop, in a secret shop
Ach transmute.png Careful Planning
Transmuted 3 Relics at the same time using Transmutagen


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • Number of Potions increased to 64.
  • Number of Potions increased to 67.
  • Number of Potions increased to 68.
  • You can no longer pickup potions while drinking.


  • You can find potions when you pull the lever in a Sacrifice Room, blow up Rocks, buy them from Shops, find them in Secrets, opening up a Chest, and in many other ways.
  • It takes one second to drink a potion, and in the meantime, you are unable to move or jump. You can stop drinking and move, but you will have to drink from the start again. If you are damaged, you will stop drinking, and have to start again.
  • Drinking more than one of the same time-limited potion does not double its effect. Instead, timed potions will last longer.
  • An endgame strategy called the Potion Loop has a heavy dependence on potions.
  • The Spirit.pngSpirit allows you to hold 1 more potion.
  • Rainbow Kernels.pngRainbow Kernels can duplicate potions as well.
  • Miner's Flask.pngMiner's Flask and Slow Metabolism.pngSlow Metabolism increase potion duration for the current run.
  • Fast Metabolism.pngFast Metabolism decreases potion duration time.
  • Slowth Berry.pngSlowth Berry and its upgrades increase potion duration time permanently.
  • Compulsion.pngCompulsion will force the players to drink potions immediately when picked up.
  • Mutation.pngMutation causes a 50% chance of Relics to become potions instead.
  • Bottle Stopper.pngBottle Stopper decreases potion capacitiy by 2.
  • Bottle Blight.pngBottle Blight will damage the players for 5 damage per potion they carry, on entering a new room.