Arkanos, the Archmage

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Arkanos, the Archmage
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Arkanos is the Archmage and penultimate boss in UnderMine.

Upon arriving to the mine for the first time, the player will be summoned to enter the left-hand room (the library) to speak with Arkanos sitting in front of his desk. He sends the hero on a mission to both find the blacksmith Wayland in the mines and to discover the source of the earthquakes. He gives the player a key to unlock the mines, and as the player attempts to leave the library, will instruct the player to pick up a journal from the table.


  • On the bookcase behind him is a 'missing book'. The Dusty Book.pngDusty Book is needed in order to unlock Griswold.
  • Speaking with him multiple times causes him to divulge the player's quest. The dialogue implies that the undermine has 5 floors and 6 bosses.
  • He has Heart.png 5,900, which doesn't change with Summoning Stone.pngSummoning Stones.


The following items can be purchased from Arkanos. Some items must be bought before the next-tiered item become available:

Boss fight

He has 2 main attacks.

  • He will teleport around at a slow pace, shooting one projectile between each teleport. This cycle will continue until Arkanos is hit.
  • He will teleport to the center of the room, and shoot 3 projectiles in rapid succession.
  • He will thrust his staff into the ground, creating a circle. The circle has 7 mini circles in it, which will explode after about two seconds.
  • He will clone himself so that there is four of them. They will teleport to the four corners of the arena, and will shoot projectiles at you. If you hit one of the clones, they will disappear and stop firing at you. If you hit the real Arkanos, all of the other clones will disappear, and he will begin on one of the other attacks.

After being brought down to 50% health, Arkanos will teleport to the middle of the room, and a cutscene will play. After this, he will transform into Din, the Old King.


When a new game is begun, the Archmage will beckon with a speech bubble from the leftward room, for the player to enter into the library. Disregarding these prompts will only result into further prompts, but will not affect the player in any way.

You out there!

Get in here immediately!

Do not test my patience!

I'll warp you in here if I have to.Arkanos, the Archmage
Arkanos, the Archmage
You out there!

Get in here immediately!

Do not test my patience!

I'll warp you in here if I have to.


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • Added Arkanos, the Archmage.
  • There is a new Magic Mirror in Arkanos’ library. This mirror will randomize your appearance and name.
  • Lillyth now moves to the hub room when she is upset with Arkanos.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Arkanos to speak one of Baba’s lines of dialog.