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The Minimap is a part of the HUD that the player has available to them during a run.

It is displayed in the bottom right hand corner, and can be expanded with a key binding.

The map will show small icons that indicate if what a room is or if you left something behind in a room:

Icon Description
MapIcon AltarOff.png An Altar has been used in the room
MapIcon AltarOn.png An unused Altar remains in the room
MapIcon ArmorShard.png An Armor Shard.pngArmor Shard remains in the room
MapIcon Blessing.png A Blessing can be found in the room
MapIcon Bomb.png A Bomb.pngBomb can be found in the room
MapIcon Boss.png A Boss fight can be started in this room, either by entering a boss room, or activating the fight in the room through some means.
MapIcon Chaos.png This icon is used when the hex Chaotic Offering.pngChaotic Offering is active. It will obscure Basic Items indicating that they are there but not indicating what they are.
MapIcon Chest.png A chest remains un-opened in the room.
MapIcon Combat.png This icon is only found in Othermine it means that this the room is a Combat Challenge room
MapIcon Crawlspace.png A Crawlspace has been revealed in this room
MapIcon DoorBombable.png A door that can be bombed is located in between these rooms
MapIcon DoorCrystal.png A door that can be bombed with Echo Blast.pngEcho Blast is located in between these rooms
MapIcon DoorCurse.png A door that gives curses is located in between these rooms (this is no longer used but it used to be for Relic Altar rooms, but the door that gave curses was removed)
MapIcon DoorHealth.png A door that costs health is located in between these rooms
MapIcon DoorKey.png A door that requires keys is located in between these rooms
MapIcon Exclamation.png A event of interest is located here (usually invovling an NPC
MapIcon Exit.png Exit also the room where Sho'guul's lair has a chance to appear
MapIcon Food.png A Food item can be found here.
MapIcon Hoody.png A Hoodie crawlspace that leads to Hoodie's Room is located in this room
MapIcon Key.png A Key.pngKey remains in the room
MapIcon Potion.png A Potion remains in the room
MapIcon Relic.png A Relic remains in the room
MapIcon RelicAltar.png The Relic Altar can be found in the room
MapIcon RelicOff.png The Relic in this Relic Room has already been picked up
MapIcon RelicOn.png The Relic in this Relic Room has not been picked up
MapIcon Secret.png A Secret Room is located here
MapIcon Shop.png A Shop is located here
MapIcon ShopBR.png A Black Rabbit Room is located here
MapIcon Start.png This is the Start room for the level
MapIcon Talisman.png A Talisman.pngTalisman remains in the room.

At somepoint in the game's early history the shop icon changed from MapIcon Shop Old.png to MapIcon Shop.png


VersionAdditions and Changes
  • Hide Minimap during combat.
  • The Minimap now hides during combat. This functionality can be disabled via the options menu and is on by default..
  • Some special encounters are now labeled on the Minimap..
  • Hoodie now has a new Minimap icon.
  • The Minimap now more reliably shows an open chest icon when you’ve collected the relic from the relic room.
  • Minimap Overhaul!
  • Can now be toggled from normal size to large. The default keys for this are [c] on a keyboard and [up] on the D-pad of a controller. This key is rebindable in the options menu.
  • New icons to denote the Relic Room, Beginning Room, and Boss Entrances
  • Altars will now indicate if they have been used
  • Items such as food, keys, bombs, potions, talismans, armor shards, relics, chests, blessings, and altars will be shown on the map.
  • Four of the most important items per room will be shown in large mode, while a single item will be shown in normal mode.
  • Players can also toggle the transparency of the Minimap in the options menu. When transparent, the background of the map will be removed..
  • Empty treasure chests no longer show up on the Minimap.
  • Improved how doors are drawn on the Minimap to prevent weird one-sided lock issues.
  • The Minimap now reveals the entire floor when expanded. It will scale in size to accommodate the size and shape of the floor..
  • [Xbox, Windows Store] Crawlspaces no longer show an additional Chaos icon on the Minimap.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause secret rooms connected to a hidden room (these are referred to as “secluded” rooms) to wind up on the wrong subfloor during floor layout regeneration and be visible on the Minimap at the wrong time.
  • Fixed a long-standing issue with the maximized Minimap that would make it possible to see secret walls to the east.
  • Secluded room encounters are not rerolled in the case of emergency layout rebuilds. This would lead to rooms appearing on the wrong subfloor on the Minimap.