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Speed is one of the Peasant's Stats. Speed can be increases when out of danger with the Explorer's Boots.pngExplorer's Boots Upgrade.

Stat Information

Movement speed is a stat that doesn't have numbers listed in one of the statistic dialogues. Due to that the information about the movement speed stat was gained from data mining the game code and asset files.

There is four parts to the movement speed stat

  • Maximum Speed: This is a velocity quantity. It is a variable that describes the maximum velocity the peasant can reach. The default value is 5.
  • Maximum Speed Variance: This is a random quantity that makes the peasant move speed feel more natural.
  • Walk Speed Multiplier: This is an acceleration quantity. It describes how fast the player can get up to maximum speed from a stand still. The default value is 2.
  • Min Walk Speed Multiplier: This is a variable that exists to prevent a situation where the player would be unable to move due to the different ways to modify the Walk Speed Multiplier. Its value is 0.5.


There are some items that interact with Speed




Negative Effercts

Oil has a 35% Max Speed reduction, and a 35% Walk Speed Multiplier reduction

Stat Summary

The maximum speed the player can legitimately have currently is Max speed of is 16.5 (assuming that Warpaint works as indicated above)

However using save file editing you can actually set your speed to any value by using the modifiers section of the Save.json. Inserting insanely large speeds allows the player to exit a room without triggering a scene change leading to just having an empty room on screen.