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Max Health is one of the the Peasant's Stats. Max Health can be permanently increased by 20 HP for each purchase of the tunic Upgrade.

It is the most amount of health the Peasant can have. This is opposed to Current Health, which is the amount displayed on the HUD and a measure of how close the player is to death.

Stat Information

Health Stats.png

This stat is not capped; however, going over 2.14 billion health will set your health to 1.

Health has different components to it which can be seen in game by mousing over the throw damage stat in the journal.

  • Base is the base health that the peasant has. If there are no modifiers or multipliers then this is the damage that will show in the HUD.
  • Base modifier is an additive modification to the base amount that will increase or decrease the base value.
  • Base multiplier is a percentage multiplication to the base value that will increase or decrease the base value by that percentage. For example, if it's a 10% multiplier, that means it will multiply the base value (after the Base modifier) by 1.1.
  • Bonus is an additional boost after the calculations, which is additive.
  • The rest of the stats in this dialogue have their own page.


There are many items that interact with Max Health.





  • Frailty.pngFrailty: -30 HP for each rank
  • Enfeebled.pngEnfeebled: -60 HP
  • Poison Mushroom.pngPoison Mushroom: decreases Max Health for each initially spawned enemy killed by the player.
    • Lost Max Health is recovered when the curse is removed.


The Mushroom.pngMushroom used to alter Max Health differently; it initially reduced the player's Max Health by 50 HP, but would increase Max Health by 1 HP for each initially spawned enemy killed.

Max Health Upgrades

The Tunic upgrade.pngTunic upgrade increases max health.

Tier Name Description Max Health Cost Gold/Health (cumulative) GUID
Base Peasant's Vest It's like you're wearing nothing at all. 200 Gold5.png 0 0
Upgrade: 79d0a8c94f5f40079e2cd30d1c42c31f
1 Breezy Rags Some tired cloth scraps, barely held together with failing string. Very breathable. 220 Gold100.png 100 1
Upgrade: 76d9a3c690bb41c1a2c03dbfa4d2a839
2 Linen Pullover A pullover made of linen. 240 Gold100.png 200 2
Upgrade: b3c1e119b1014020bffc47367ec9e03e
3 Burlap Sack Appears to be a food sack with three holes cut out of it. Durable, but very itchy. 260 Gold100.png 350 3
Upgrade: 1621a6788a0849efbe99b575221ccad9
4 Woolen Chiton Looks to have been worn by someone else, but returned after it shrunk in water. 280 Gold500.png 700 5
Upgrade: a3ccd04ff3104511bebf9fc042454f99
5 Leather Vesture Something that resembles actual protective wear. The leather is scarred with cuts and scrapes. 300 Gold500.png 1,200 9
Upgrade: d2015d8cc92148739f00c083db2e4eea
6 Hide Tunic Patches of thick monster hide held together with strong leather thread. Oddly familiar looking. 320 Gold500.png 1,800 14
Upgrade: c90ff39b1f554c7b8624f0abb61d06b4
7 Iron Threaded Garb An ingenious design of patterned leather with thin iron thread running through it. 340 Gold500.png 3,800 24
Upgrade: c9651372affc4e9486e0f95652341f35
8 Rock Skin Vest A morbid vest made from the flayed hide of a rockpile mimic. 360 Gold500.png 5,000 37
Upgrade: 0379055e408b4f52ae8f6ca2d00ce8a3
9 Diamond Gossamer Jacket Only a thorium blade can sever the gossamer of the crystalline spider. 380 Gold500.png 6,200 51
Upgrade: d779288c36d74c3c83979936999fdd14
10 Padded Vest A thick vest, packed with down. Cozy in the autumn. 400 Gold500.png 9,000 71
Upgrade: de9323ff2e044dc68ce1138a33d3563c
11 Studded Leather Jacket What it lacks in protection, it makes up for in cool factor. 420 Gold500.png 12,000 97
Upgrade: d2ab5290264f4a948a14ace5a6ff2584
12 Bear Coat If things go poorly in the mine find a bear den and try and blend in. 440 Gold500.png 15,000 126
Upgrade: 123db00160ea42f0ac70f71dc3dff688
13 Bronze Threaded Garb Very similar to the iron threaded garb, but slightly more stylish. 460 Gold500.png 20,000 164
Upgrade: 37514e6573ee4cb687b521c5a7122331
14 Chitinous Plating In the theme of making armor from animals... 480 Gold500.png 30,000 220
Upgrade: f653c34e32a04caeb86cca7fc3444453
15 Thorium Plated Surcoat A king's surcoat that is more than ceremonial. Plated in thorium and impenetrable to daggers with ill intent. 500 Gold500.png 60,000 331
Upgrade: 5b677686f76e43d5823cb35d4c5a21e8