Income Multiplier

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Income Multiplier is one of the Peasant's Stats.

Income Multiplier has no upgrades associated with it.

This stat effects all methods of obtaining gold,

  • Gold10.pnggold pieces
  • standing in molten gold
  • selling to black rabbit
  • obtaining Golden Idol.pngGolden Idol

will all have higher or lower gold amounts based on this stat.

Stat Information

Gold Integrity Stats.png

This stat is not capped, however making more that 999 999 from a single piece of gold is not very useful as the max gold amount is 999 999.

Income Multiplier can be seen in game by mousing over the gold integrity stat in the journal:

  • Income Multiplier is a number that describes the percent increase that gold pieces are worth in addition to their normal value. For example an Income Multiplier of 10% would mean that Gold10.png 10 would actually be worth Gold10.png 11
  • The rest of the stats in this dialogue have their own page.


There is a couple items that interact with Income Multiplier