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Potion Duration is one of the the Peasant's Stats.

Potion Duration can be permanently increased by 0.2x per Slowth Berry.pngBerry Upgrade purchased.

Stat information

Potion Duration is a stat that doesn't have numbers listed in one of the statistic dialogues. Due to that the information about the movement speed stat was gained from data mining the game code and asset files.

This stat is probably capped, increasing a duration to more than 2.14 billion seconds would probably crash the game.

When potion duration is increased it leads to a direct increase in the length of the timers for potions that use timers.

For an example, If the player has both Miner's Flask.pngMiner's Flask and Slowth Berry.pngMiracle Berry, they will receive a 4x boost to their potion duration. Approximately 6 Slow Metabolism.pngSlow Metabolism blessings will yield the same boost.


There are some items that interact with Potion Duration





Potions Effected By Potion Duration

Potions Not Effected By Potion Duration