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Gold Integrity is one of the the Peasant's Stats. Gold Integrity represents how much gold the player retains upon death.

Gold Integrity starts at 50%, meaning that you get to keep 50% of your gold upon death.

It can be permanently increased by 5% for each Sack Upgrade purchased up to a maximum of 95% of gold kept after dying.

Sack upgrades are well worth investing in as soon as you can afford them, because the more gold you get to keep after death, the more you can spend at shops.

The player has 100% gold integrity if the Summoning Stone.pngSummoning Stone or Stone of the Recreant.pngStone of the Recreant is obtained on that run.

The player has 0% gold integrity in Othermine. This is because no gold is transferred between runs/to the hub.

Stat Information

Gold Integrity Stats.png

This stat is capped at 100%, however having greater than 100% will display 100% but is still used for calculating curse percentages.

Gold Integrity can be seen in game by mousing over the gold integrity stat in the journal:

  • Base is the base percentage of gold that is retained upon death.
  • Base modifier is an additive modification to the base amount that will increase or decrease the base value.
  • The rest of the stats in this dialogue have their own page.


There are items that interact with Gold Integrity




Sack Upgrades

The Sack upgrade.pngSack upgrade increases gold integrity.

Tier Name Description Gold Integrity Cost GUID
Base Peasant's Sack They want you to bring the gold out, but this is full of holes. Makes no sense. 50 Gold5.png 0
Upgrade: a51cfa33f5a24ea789549412a0ff9dd5
1 Patchwork Sack Looks like it was cobbled together with whatever was lying around. 55 Gold100.png 150
Upgrade: 590cbe7951c14b1580876d6e5af51ba4
2 Potato Sack Just a sack used for hauling potatoes. 60 Gold100.png 300
Upgrade: 6c235faf7f9f416ba72386ffa4f42d5d
3 Drawstring Pack Better than makeshift, but the drawstring doesn't close all the way. 65 Gold500.png 600
Upgrade: e369c41e0cbb4e6886e87f55f74f832a
4 Spidersilk Sack Only one was made before the spiders went on strike due to poor work conditions. 70 Gold500.png 1,200
Upgrade: b0b0391d74c649df80b57de3c6c6b482
5 Leather Bag A pretty ordinary bag, but with one annoying hole in it. 75 Gold500.png 1,800
Upgrade: 342330098738414c8bbdd3ab47155fc3
6 Reinforced Leather Bag The same leather bag as before, but with a patch over the hole. 80 Gold500.png 3,000
Upgrade: cce6d70137da4d0bb3092fffbf94ae50
7 Hide Pouch A sack made from the natural pouches of several beasts. 85 Gold500.png 5,000
Upgrade: 52f1db47d7624442b2501e9b3f1cc54b
8 Iron Woven Sack The iron spiders don't have as good a union as the others so many were made. 90 Gold500.png 10,000
Upgrade: 23fa9647cf674fcaaf10290391524b80
9 Diamond Studded Pack What good is hauling gold, if people don't know how rich it is making you? 95 Gold500.png 20,000
Upgrade: 24ddc7fadb2f48da8ba8beffe7b01593


Having Gold Integrity greater than 100% is the same as having 100% gold integrity; it does not increase the amount of Gold10.pngGold carried.

When your Gold Integrity is greater than or equal to 100% the game is coded to remove Sewing Kit.pngSewing Kit and Craftsmanship.pngCraftsmanship from their respective item pools, meaning you cannot find them after you attain 100% Gold Integrity. As of version 1.2.0 when you purchase the last gold sack upgrade, you will also be no longer able to find these two items (unless you have never found them before).

Assuming 50% Gold Integrity (lowest without curses) Ineptitude.pngIneptitude and 87 levels of Clumsiness.pngClumsiness or 89 levels of Clumsiness.pngClumsiness would be required to get under 100% Gold Integrity when the player has Sewing Kit.pngSewing Kit.