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Armor is one of the the Peasant's Stats. There is currently no associated Upgrade for Armor.

Armor is an additional padding to the Peasant's Health; it exists as an additional grey HP bar for each armor point. Each HP bar will only protect against one hit. This is extremely useful for hits that would deal enough damage to kill the player in one shot, such as at high Summoning Stone.pngsummoning stones.

This stat functions similarly to the HP bar of Karmic Scale.pngKarmic Scale; however. it doesn't have the scaled damage/health costs.

Armor points are extremely useful for protecting against losing Obsidian Knife.pngObsidian Knife or Master Pickaxe.pngMaster Pickaxe.

It is also useful for the 1 HP hex Adventurer's Peril.pngAdventurer's Peril, which will give a buffer of hits to the player.

Armor Shard.pngArmor shards are not affected by Frostbite.pngFrostbite; you can still "heal" armor points with the hex.

After an armor point has been lost, it can be refreshed by picking up an Armor Shard.pngArmor Shard.

Stat Information

Health Stats.png

This stat is technically capped at 8 by the limited number of ways to get armor points.

Armor can be seen in-game by mousing over the health stat in the journal.


There are some items that give Armor points.