Damage Amplification

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Damage Amplification is one of the the Peasant's Stats. There is currently no associated Upgrade for Damage Amplification.

Damage Amplification is stat that reduces (or increases) the damage taken by the Peasant.

Stat Information

Health Stats.png

This stat has a lower cap at -75%. It is unknown if this stat has an upper cap, however if an enemy did more than 2.14 billion damage to the player it would likely crash the game.

Damage Amplification can be seen in game by mousing over the health stat in the journal.

  • Damage Amplification is a multiplier for damage that the peasant takes, for a damage amplification of -10% would mean the Peasant takes 10 percent less damage from hits or in other words 90% of the damage they would have been dealt.
  • The rest of the stats in this dialogue have their own page.


There are some items that give Damage Amplification