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Shops are run by certain NPCs. They trade Items in exchange for Gold (Basic Items and Health can also be used as a price).

Undermine shops

Pilfer Shop

Main article: Pilfer Shop
  • Run by a yellow Shop Keeper with a red gem in his head and three gold rings. Offers items for Gold. Sometimes, will cut the price of an item along with a sign that says "Sale!".
  • Can only be found from Goldmine floor two and lower. Can be summoned in a room by using the Shop in a Bottle.pngShop in a Bottle potion, which will spawn a Crawl Space to another shop (secret shop).
  • If the players talk to the Shop Keeper, they can pay 1200 Gold, to join the Pilfer Loyalty Program. This unlocks a shop ran by Pilfer (NPC) in the Hub, which sells upgrades for that shop.

Secret shop

  • Like a normal shop, but needs special means to get there. Can be accessed through a Crawl Space or Shop in a Bottle.pngShop in a Bottle. You can have more than one secret shop per floor. Sells different items from other shops/secret shops on the floor.
  • It is not possible to get a secret shop on the first floor unless you use a Shop in a Bottle. While the secret shop acts like the regular shop you can not start the loyalty program here and will have to start it at a normal pilfer shop.

Red pilfer shop keeper

  • Can be rarely found behind blue blocks which block the entrance, and require the Echo Blast.pngEcho Blast upgrade. Sells upgrades to Dibble's Emporium. Will have free food if you have Meal Ticket.pngMeal Ticket. Affected by price modifiers.

Black Rabbit

Main article: Black Rabbit
  • A cute woman with black rabbit ears. Rarely generates on the floor, and may be found in Secret Rooms. She offers lottery like minigames, and a shop with Keys, Bombs and health as currency. The first time you meet, you can get a Recipe for Gold25.png 25. She will sometimes also buy Relics from the player when spoken to.

Sho'guul's lair

Main article: Sho'guul's lair
  • Uses Curses as currency.
  • Luck based chance to appear when entering the exit room. See Sho'guul's lair for ways to increase your odds.
  • Sells Relics that cannot be obtained otherwise.


Shops in the Hub

  • Dibble which sells some items to start the run with.
  • Wayland sells upgrades to your stats.
  • You can buy bomb upgrades at Dodson's.
  • You can buy some special permanent items from Arkanos.


  • All of the shops above use gold as payment method, except for the Black Rabbit's shop and Sho'guul's lair.
  • The secret shop and normal shop will sell different items.
  • The red Shop Keeper's shop does not replace the Pilfer Shop, and they will both spawn on the floor.
  • Some Curses are ignored while in shops, e.g. Rain of Fire.pngRain of Fire and Waking Light.pngWaking Light (Torches fire fire balls at you) will not be activated in this room.
  • There can be 2 of the same shop types on the same floor, and they will sell different items.
  • Items can be destroyed in the normal and secret shops. You still have to pay for it.
  • Food can be burnt to get more value. However, if the food is not free of charge, the price will greatly increase. In the Black Rabbit's shop, the cost will not increase.
  • Black Rabbit's Gloves will make one item per shop free.