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The developers have a mode they use for testing the game that is not accessible in UnderMine.

Cheat Menu.png

The main features of the dev mode are the Cheat Menu and the testing locations.

Cheat Menu


As seen in the image above there are four main sections to the cheat menu,

  1. The area outlined in blue is the collections area. This area list all the items in a specified category based on which button immediately about the area is currently selected. It can be used to spawn in items and change values of variables in the code.
  2. The areas outline in red are the buttons, theses call functions in the Cheat.cs code to run certain routines or set values.
  3. The area in blue is the developer map, this map is different from the normal map which is located on the HUD because it shows secret and hidden rooms like crawlspaces and boss rooms.
  4. The area in purple is reserved for desplaying status effects, things like stat modifications or certain status effects maybe be listed here when active.

Collections Categories

There are 6 different collections for the purposes of the cheat menu, as smaller collections are lumped into the misc category.


The item menu is used for spawning in different items, it will typically have Food, Gold and Basic Items. It also stores the Familiars, all Artifacts, and timed buffs.



DevRelics.png This lists all the relics in the game


DevMisc.png This is where all the remaining items, familiars and curses/hexes go.



This menu allows you to to spawn in any enemy in the game with the exception of Bosses and Mini Bosses (Although Rockpile Mimic was an exception in early versions of the Cheat Menu, it no longer is present in more current versions.)

The enemy will be spawned in a random position in the current room when clicked on.


DevAchievements.png Most likely used for debugging issues with achievements. This isn't functional outside of the developer environment.


DevStats.png Most likely used for debugging issues with stats. This isn't functional outside of the developer environment.


The Cheat Menu has instant access to all Zones in early versions it is selected by clicking on the drop down menu in.

Test Locations