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Nemesis (enemy)
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A notorious contract killer

In Delvemore it is not uncommon for lords and ladies to hire blackguard to assassinate their enemies. In some cases these rogues cross paths and meet one another on assignment. They are bound to fight to the death or risk having a contract put on their own heads. One blackguard in particular has reached mythological status, having killed dozens of his brethren. No one knows his name. He is simply referred to as the Nemesis.



Nemesis is a new enemy that can only be found with the Hex of the same name active. It can be found in one room on every floor of both Undermine and Othermine.

Nemesis starts off being very easy to deal with, with a very similar movement to Blackguards. However there is a twist. Nemesis will start by gaining a new abilities every two floors. Nemesis has 12 abilities, and since there are not 24 floors but rather 20 In Undermine, Nemesis will start to gain an ability every floor after Halls 4. Since there is only 12 floors in Othermine Nemesis will gain fewer abilities by the end of the run.

Starts with 100HP. Level is checked via the variable nemesis_count, which is equal to the current floor number, starting with floor 0 for the first floor. For each level of nemesis_count, Nemesis's health is increased by 100 and damage by 3.

Special Abilities:

  • GM3/OM 3: Life Leech - Absorbs all damage done to player [7ee8063cf650a2b408f54dc0adadb3d8]
  • D1/OM 5: Removes 5% of players total gold on hit [401eb3df3e7e0f945b9ec99807cfb9dd]
  • D3/OM 7: 80% chance to jump and throw a knife at the player after running away
  • H1/OM 9: Curses player with Frailty.pngFrailty on hit [5ecf3e22947d71a4ba7c3e66b6ccb292]
  • H3/OM 11: Knives now bounce on walls
  • C1: Starts leaving a fire trail (ground flames) and is immune to fire hazards, ground fire & molten gold [d7fb4389993e10243a5d1273f874a986]
  • C3: Nemesis move speed is increased by 4 and attack is increased by 50% (based on the line SetVisualValue attack_speed 1.5)
  • GC1: Drops a bomb when teleporting away
  • GC2: Now throws three knives
  • GC3: Removes a random relic on hit [94e026e8d8fe83b438babd31cb0f5fe7]
  • GC4: Turns invisible



VersionAdditions and Changes
  • Added Nemesis (enemy).
  • swapped the order of life leach and movement speed increase trading Caverns 3 ability for Goldmine 3 ability.