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The Tunic upgrade.pngTunic upgrade increases max health.

Tier Name Description Max Health Cost Gold/Health (cumulative) GUID
Base Peasant's Vest It's like you're wearing nothing at all. 200 Gold5.png 0 0
Upgrade: 79d0a8c94f5f40079e2cd30d1c42c31f
1 Breezy Rags Some tired cloth scraps, barely held together with failing string. Very breathable. 220 Gold100.png 100 1
Upgrade: 76d9a3c690bb41c1a2c03dbfa4d2a839
2 Linen Pullover A pullover made of linen. 240 Gold100.png 200 2
Upgrade: b3c1e119b1014020bffc47367ec9e03e
3 Burlap Sack Appears to be a food sack with three holes cut out of it. Durable, but very itchy. 260 Gold100.png 350 3
Upgrade: 1621a6788a0849efbe99b575221ccad9
4 Woolen Chiton Looks to have been worn by someone else, but returned after it shrunk in water. 280 Gold500.png 700 5
Upgrade: a3ccd04ff3104511bebf9fc042454f99
5 Leather Vesture Something that resembles actual protective wear. The leather is scarred with cuts and scrapes. 300 Gold500.png 1,200 9
Upgrade: d2015d8cc92148739f00c083db2e4eea
6 Hide Tunic Patches of thick monster hide held together with strong leather thread. Oddly familiar looking. 320 Gold500.png 1,800 14
Upgrade: c90ff39b1f554c7b8624f0abb61d06b4
7 Iron Threaded Garb An ingenious design of patterned leather with thin iron thread running through it. 340 Gold500.png 3,800 24
Upgrade: c9651372affc4e9486e0f95652341f35
8 Rock Skin Vest A morbid vest made from the flayed hide of a rockpile mimic. 360 Gold500.png 5,000 37
Upgrade: 0379055e408b4f52ae8f6ca2d00ce8a3
9 Diamond Gossamer Jacket Only a thorium blade can sever the gossamer of the crystalline spider. 380 Gold500.png 6,200 51
Upgrade: d779288c36d74c3c83979936999fdd14
10 Padded Vest A thick vest, packed with down. Cozy in the autumn. 400 Gold500.png 9,000 71
Upgrade: de9323ff2e044dc68ce1138a33d3563c
11 Studded Leather Jacket What it lacks in protection, it makes up for in cool factor. 420 Gold500.png 12,000 97
Upgrade: d2ab5290264f4a948a14ace5a6ff2584
12 Bear Coat If things go poorly in the mine find a bear den and try and blend in. 440 Gold500.png 15,000 126
Upgrade: 123db00160ea42f0ac70f71dc3dff688
13 Bronze Threaded Garb Very similar to the iron threaded garb, but slightly more stylish. 460 Gold500.png 20,000 164
Upgrade: 37514e6573ee4cb687b521c5a7122331
14 Chitinous Plating In the theme of making armor from animals... 480 Gold500.png 30,000 220
Upgrade: f653c34e32a04caeb86cca7fc3444453
15 Thorium Plated Surcoat A king's surcoat that is more than ceremonial. Plated in thorium and impenetrable to daggers with ill intent. 500 Gold500.png 60,000 331
Upgrade: 5b677686f76e43d5823cb35d4c5a21e8